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Dr. Ion (Dr-ion USA)
3510 W. 8th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
United States
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Dr-ion Negative Ion Power Wristband (Black-Red)

Dr-ion Negative Ion Power Wristband (Black-Red)
USD 18.00 - 18.00
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Los Angeles
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United States
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Product Description

* What is a Dr-ion Wristband?

The Dr-ion wristband is a Power Bracelet that contains minus (negative) ions and generates over 2,200 negative ions per cubic centimeters. Made with "a special stone from Japan", the Dr-ion wristband is molded with the "special stone powder" with high quality silicone that is often used as material on human surgical.

Constructed from the highest grade silicone on the market, the Dr-ion wristband contains the proven presence of negative ions within each piece. Dr-ion wristbands available in various sporty colors and 5 different sizes are reversible, featuring the Dr-ion logo on both sides. The perfect companion for every day life. A Dr-ion wristband comes in a clear acrylic case encased in a rich golden wooden box, featuring the Dr-ion logo imprinted on the case and the box.

* What does a Dr-ion wristband do?

The purpose of the Dr-ion wristband is to reduce pain and restore bodily energy. Golfers, for example, may use bracelets to help relieve stresses in their wrists, which enables improvements in their golf swings and hitting distances. Other specific effects the bracelet is said to have incl ude: restoration of important balance of ions, warming of feet and hands, greater focus and concentration, and improved recovery of athletic fatigue.

* How is the Dr-ion wristband supposed to work?

The wristband uses yin-yang therapy and what is known as the "auto-induction principle". The yin-yang ideal works by giving off specific alternating electrical currents (like your wrist). The currents are composed through different interactions between positive and negative ions.

Positive and negative ions are found everywhere from the air, to the ground, and in our bodies. In salts, such as common table salt, sodium chloride (NaCl), the molecules are connected with ionic bonds.

Once the bond is broken, (may it be through water, wind, or some other outside force) the salt forms a cation and anion. Cations are positively charged and anions are negatively charged ions. These different types of ions circulate all throughout our bodies and serve as everything from the constituents of our pH level, to chemical signals for proteins.

Through the auto-induction principle, the bracelet absorbs the static electricity given off by the body in order to seek balance between these ions. Pain is caused by an imbalance when organs or tissues lose some of their energy.

As energy is given off, it may fall within the bracelet's range of frequency; then bracelet will give off an opposite form of energy. This process returns the organ's or tissue's energy to its original state, thus negating the pain.

In researching various other medical, biology and chemistry journals, there no existence of the "auto-induction principle" could be found. Therefore, if the "auto-induction principle" concerning ion bracelets truly exists, it is apparently not at all acknowledged in the scientific community.

Most of the minus-ion technology that has been created is based in Japan, and is usually grouped with holistic remedies. The primary reason the product sells so effectively is the mass media craze concerning their apparent "health benefits".

* Why Dr-ion wristbands over other brands?

Unlike other wristbands out there, the Dr-ion wristband contains the highest amount of negative ions, with actual measurements of over 2,200 negative ions per cubic centimeters.

* Available Sizes in Length:

XS: 16.0 cm (6.3 inches)

S: 17.5 cm (6.9 inches)

M: 19.0 cm (7.5 inches)

L: 20.5 cm (8.1 inches)

XL: 22.5 cm (8.1 inches)

Note that the length means the circumference of a wristband.
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