EM.Int'l (Pvt) Ltd
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EM.Int'l (Pvt) Ltd
Corporate/Regiatered:404, 4th Floor, Marine Pride,
Clifton, Mailing Address: 116B, 5th Zamzama Street
Phase:5, DHA, Karachi, S
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Private Limited Company Dealing with Trading, Foreign Technical & Manufacturers Representaion, Agencies, Buying,Sourcing, Structuring and Jt Venture Partnerships+
Technical Know how Transfer etc, with over 100 years successful
track record and history in the sub continent, Co Profile follows:-
Profile of EM International (Pvt) Limited
EM International and its sister companies have a history of over 125 years in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. EM International was officially established in 1989 as a subsidiary of the Karachi Company Private Limited (KCL). KCL was established in 1952, after the creation of Pakistan for registration in the new country. KCL’s famous predecessor The Bombay Company Limited was chartered in united and undivided India in 1886 by the famous Scottish Merchant Bankers, M/S Wallace Brothers Holdings (Pvt.) Limited.
The Business of Wallace Brothers consisted of Rubber Plantations in Burma and Sri Lanka, Tea Gardens in India (East and West Bengal), Cotton (Raw as well as ginning) foreign machinery and chemicals.The Karachi Co Pvt Ltd,came into existence in 1952 to take over the indenting,foreign technical representation and services business in the newly created country-Pakistan.When the British owners in 1963 departed the only Pakistani senior executive director Mr. G.M. Malik,who had originally joined The Bombay Co Ltd-(later chairman of KCL and father of Mr. Ejaz Malik, Managing Director EM International) took over the company. In 1962, Mr. G.M. Malik was asked to if he would like to subscribe to the total shares of the company and become complete owner. After, creation of this new company the Cotton, Tea and Rubber business stopped but the Machinery and Chemicals and host of other connected trading&services business including,consultancy, ship/vessel design and suuplying kit of materials, in association with leading designers-thrived.
The Karachi Company (Pvt) Limited (KCL) has been involved in many successful projects in both the Government and Private Sectors. From sales of commercial aircrafts to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), railway expansion-supply of Metropolitan wagons/rails and rolling stock,Electrical Switchgear – Reyrolle Parsons/ NEI Group,C4ii, O’brien Power Generation, Workshop/Production Machinery Tools for making mould/dies,jigs and fixtures from Mitsui&Co,Osaka,Japan, Chemicals (previously agents Cement Marketing Co of UK & of Berger Chemicals in Pakistan), RMS Tyre manufacturing machinery, Hitachi/Kalmar/Kone Cranes/ Gottwald lifting equipment (elevators, cranes,forklifts, reachstackers, RTGs, RMGs,Harbour Mobile Cranes and Grab Bulk Unloaders etc) business to strategic agencies such as being the first agent in Pakistan of Maersk Lines (now Maersk Sealand Containers),Sourcerers of Chrome Ore/Coal sellers/buyers/exporters of Pig Iron, Iron Ores to Atlas Desalination+Freezedrying Technologies from Denmark and Port Development,Land Reclamation,Break Water & Dredging Consultancy etc in association with leading world players, has created a name for itself in both trading/ indenting and technical machinery representation.
In 1989 EM International (EMI) assumed all responsibilities of KCL and took over all existing agencies+contineously expanding&bringing in more agencies+trade items,in its fold.EM International under the leadership and vision of Mr.Ayjaz Malik, has completely transformed itself into a successful trading/indenting/consultancy services corporation.Over the years EMI has maintained a diverse product portfolio including lifting,grain storage silos+handling equip,security, safety, life support equipment and other strategic agencies such as Ship Building and Bulk Materials Lifting equipment.EM International’s true abilities lie in both sourcing and launching new products/services in a highly competitive market while offering its custommers reliable, dedicated service that made the original Bombay Company famous and its successor The Karachi Co Pvt Ltd, being coined with the phrase,“1st amongst 4 equals.”
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EM.Int'l (Pvt) Ltd
Registered Address:
Corporate/Regiatered:404, 4th Floor, Marine Pride,, Clifton, Mailing Address: 116B, 5th Zamzama Street
Phase:5, DHA, Karachi, S