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Elements of Curving Body Series - Wave Breast Pretty

Elements of Curving Body Series - Wave Breast Pretty
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1. Raw materials, kgs, tons/containers; OEM 2. OBM: Elements of Curving Body Series (with Female Treasure & Wave Breast Pretty) 20ml×2/set ; 72 sets / carton 3. It may fill 1,320 cartons in a 20ft container. 4. If your maximum quantity is over 3,000 pcs ~ , we will offer 4~5% more discount for you; over 5000pcs ~ may offer you 6 ~ 10% more discount as preference.
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1000 Piece(s)
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30000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

Product Principle

Woman's body, whether it is for their own self-confidence, or the envy of others, are accounted for a very important focus of attention in the life; but often did not, the vast majority of people who want a little fullness are generally too flat, and those who want to be thin only may look at scales and sigh. In the end, what kind of shape is the most appropriate standard for the body? The answer is in their individual brain. But even if you want to change the body, it may be just on the spur of the moment idea, but do not really change. Even if really determined, because of the energy of desire or will is weak, ultimately the curving plan for change was dropped after all. After all, "Plan" and "Action" are separated into two things.

The based energy of a woman body structure constructs in three elements: a. brain hormone, b. ovarian hormone, and c. thyroid hormone. These three kinds of hormone secretion usually are risen due to improper coordination which caused figure dissatisfaction; for example in 40 or 50 years of conservative values and morals, the girls were shy at puberty when the chest in formation. They deliberately bent to hide someone else's vision and cynicism from classmates or friends, unless there was a pattern learning of their mother's chest in their brain, which made up their own models during the energy of brain hormone secreted since in the age of adolescence.

Unless the ovaries or thyroid secretion was uneven; in general, this ability could form their own desired shape and size. In addition, ovary is a woman's unique organ, the secretion of hormones solely to provide the chest of nutrient and metabolic function, growth and distribution of the breast. Breast size and breast fullness are related to the length and the amount of distribution of extension. Apropos of thyroid function is for primarily burning body fat percentage and sculpture. Of course, these two elements follow the brain's command, in order to model the formation of the most beautiful natural body.


Please refer to the dm or our website (enter ENDOLD or ENDOLD BIO-TECH CO., LTD.)

Functions and Features:

1. To improve premenstrual syndrome ?? help you smooth going every month.

2. Balance hormones, promote normal endocrine, delay menopause ?? keep you in eternal youth and beauty.

3. Galactophore unobstructed, breast cell activation and restore flexibility to the breast ??make you upright.

4. To improve Menopausal symptoms ?? smooth the mood into beautiful changes.

5. Promote the body's metabolism ?? gloss your enchanting from the inside out.

6. To improve dull and waxy skin?? restore skin youthfully


As shown in Figure 2, drop seven drops of the Wave Breast Pretty, trace the lines, and follow the direction of the arrow to massage with hands until absorbed.

In particular recommendation

Developmental stages of girls, working women, menstruation unsmooth, menopausal women or going to enter menopausal women.

Now Concerned About Whether You Have the Following Problems?

? Unsmooth menstrual period

? Menopausal disorders

? Dull skin

? Postpartum body deformation

? Breast dysplasia

? Poor metabolism

? Skin dryness and dullness

After puberty, bodies are not satisfied with their lady, ladies; to reshape the minds of the body, it is not impossible, but must have the determination and endurance, and add the method for supplying the three elements (brain hormone, ovarian hormone, thyroid hormone). After all, adolescence is also quite long period of time, of course, the fastest way is to have plastic surgery, the result, of course will be different because everyone's with different idea and identification. I believe most people still identify natural way is the best, but they can not find ways to improve it.

Elements of Curving Body Series are with the energy required for body sculpture elements, to formulate massage oil, divided into two bottles, the first bottle designed for ovarian maintenance (massage Figure 1) to promote the balance of normal hormone secretion, to stimulate breast growth and intensity of distribution; second bottle is for the breast skin care and stimulate thyroid hormone, to improve sculpture shape (as shown in Figure 2 massage).
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