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Meridian Elements Pi

Meridian Elements Pi
USD 140.00 - 200.00
Origin City:
Origin Country:
Taichung Port
Delivery Lead Time:
1~3 months
1. Raw materials, kgs, tons/containers; OEM 2. OBM: Meridian Elements Pi - 10ml×5/set ; 24 sets / carton 3. It may fill 1,320 cartons in a 20ft container. 4. If your maximum quantity is over 3,000 pcs ~ , we will offer 4~5% more discount for you; over 5000pcs ~ may offer you 6 ~ 10% more discount as preference
Payment Terms:
  • T/T
  • L/C
Minimum Order:
1000 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
30000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

Product principle

Meridian Elements Pi are a bio-energy research by the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering research group developed from the Health Need; use of Chinese five elements and five thousand years of Western medicine integration of biotechnology to aim for the energy elements required for the human spinal cord and developed the Health excellent product.

That human being is the king of creatures, was due to the integrity of the spine. Aging people will decline, but also because of the spine bending. Many people agree that what Western medicine said, spine bending is due to improper posture and loss of calcium and bone. It is true, but the feeling of a little cart before the horse; if proper posture can be maintained the integrity of the spine, then why bent posture to do? Furthermore, if the position is correct, but also to feel comfortable, then who would want to posture it?

If the bone loss caused by bending, will it be restored calcium supplement to maintain the integrity of the spine? Experiments show that the result is no matter to add more calcium and bone, as long as the internal organs without functioning properly, the same as usual will be lost. Fact is due to human organs failure, which unable to supply the required elements of the spine resulting from bending.

The main function of Meridian Elements Pi is to make up the energy elements required for the spine, so that the body's internal organs may rest and to achieve self-repair function of cure, so as long as adequate rest and sufficient energy, the body will have a self-healing function.


Please refer to the dm or our website (enter ENDOLD or ENDOLD BIO-TECH CO., LTD.)


Meridian Elements Pi are used for the Ren and Du channels, using Pi elements to be careful in using the Pi sequence, starting with Du begin to push to the caudal cervical spine from bottom to top. Using the order of elements as,

Step 1. Pi Element of fire - step 2. Pi Element of wood -step 3. Pi Element of water -step 4. Pi Element of metal -step 5. Pi Element of earth.

When in the use of Pi elements, need to shake the bottles, in order to make the elements more uniform activation. Each time drop four drops of Pi elements on Du, and then use the bottom of element Pi of the bottle by gently pushing up the caudal to the cervical spine. (Why push the bottom of element Pi bottle, because element Pi has a considerable of magnetic energy, so the element Pi will be more significant effect when using the bottle as a tool to operate the element Pi to.)

Having a massage with each bottle of elements Pi, each time pushes thirty to fifty times as the base and so on.

Ren order of use, just the opposite with Du, Ren is from the throat to the abdomen pubic region, from top to bottom to push. The rest of way to use is the same as Du.

Step 1. Pi Element of Earth- step 2. Pi Element of Metal- step 3. Pi Element of Water - step 4. Pi Element of Wood - step 5. Pi Element of Fire

Note: Use elements Pi must follow the order and direction, in order the five kinds of elements Pi to be absorbed by the body, the wrong order or less use, there maybe cause the gas against phenomenon, if you have caused an error, do a re-order again.

Meridian Elements Pi are the main component of the natural plants extract essences. After three of the distillation, later processing through high-tech Pi. Pi processing is the use of molecular collision theory to produce more small molecular elements for helping energy easily enter the body, the body's cells more easily absorbed into.

Meridian Elements Pi are made with fine elements for the spine and internal organs of the human body energy needs. This set of elements Pi is not only simple on operation, and also the theory is clearly. As to why the need to use five bottles of elements Pi, instead of a bottle or two bottles of elements ?, because there are five different attributes of elements Pi. Each element Pi provides the different energy needs to the various organs of our body. So we must use five bottles of elements Pi to balance the energy of internal organs, in order to achieve basic health purposes.

In Particular Recommendation

a. Those the body often feel uncomfortable, lethargic easily fatigued,.

b. Those who want to nurse in health comfortably.

Functions and Features

a. Replenish the energy required to achieve self-healing effect.

b. To help parts of the body organs restore the normal operation of mechanism.

c. To let internal organs get appropriate rest and restore natural repair function.
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