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Source-of-Tiangui-(for restoring the function of kidney)

Source-of-Tiangui-(for restoring the function of kidney)
USD 50.00 - 80.00
Origin City:
Origin Country:
Taichung port
Delivery Lead Time:
1~3 months
1. Raw materials, kgs, tons/containers; OEM 2. OBM: Source-of-Tiangui - 100ml×1 ; 50 pcs/carton 3. It may fill 1,320 cartons in a 20ft container. 4. If your maximum quantity is over 3,000 pcs ~ , we will offer 4~5% more discount for you; over 5000pcs ~ may offer you 6 ~ 10% more discount as preference.
Payment Terms:
  • T/T
  • L/C
Minimum Order:
1000 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
30000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

Product principle

We all know that all animals are dependent on three kinds of strength and survival, one for air, and the second for the whole grains of energy, three for renal energy.

Source of renal energy: "The book, Nan Jing, point of thirty-six ", indicates at the outset that "renal energy" is home of all the nerves, also ties to the original energy. "Renal energy" is the root of internal organs and also the twelve channeling. " Su Wen, ancient naive theory ", says that kidneys are refined, where the possession of the energy by all the organs of the body, which recorded,

"Man in age eight year-old, the energy of kidneys formed and started which effect of hair and teeth growth. In age sixteen is the strengthened period of energy formed around the kidneys, called "Tiangui comes to", during the period, the energy overflowing, male and female come to harmony in marriage, it can have a child. In age around fifty-six, the energy of kidneys goes failure, called "Tiangui turns to deterioration" which the function of kidneys turns weak and shown weakness on the appearance of figure.

"Woman in age fourteen, , during the period, the channeling of Ren (channeling of acupuncture points) ventilated "Tiangui comes to", the strengthened energy formed in Tai-Chong channeling of acupuncture points, menstruation constructed, come to harmony in marriage, it is accepted to have fertilization. In age around forty-nine, the energy of kidneys comes to failure, called "Tiangui turns to deterioration", and the channeling turns to obstruction, so no child is shaped. Clearly that the physiological function of kidneys and renal energy is with similarity, which also explains the source of Tiangui as the renal energy. Therefore, "renal energy interconnected with kidneys. Both are in interconnection." Kidneys located beside each side of the waist, straightened out into the ears and both ovaries and testicles, and revealed prosperity in the hair, and forwarded through the channeling of bladder. The main function of kidneys is for essence hidden. No matter the essences of male or female are all hidden in the kidneys. Kidneys are the source of reproduction and growth as the main organs in order to maintain body fluid of water in balance. Therefore, Kidneys are compared as "the birth of the root" and "the root of life".


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Effects and characteristics

1. To relieve lower back pain and back discomfort.

2. To digest edema of the lower body, and improve the essence, energy and spirit.

3. To improve the cold hands and feet.

4. To improve the urinary system in smoothness.


1. Keep in a standing position, feet slightly open about shoulder width.

2. Eyes view at the top, tongue stand against the palate, anal contraction.

3. Use in the daily morning and evening before going to bed. Use proper dosage to massage back and forth in the behind waist with the palms. Every back and forth counted as a bout. Each time of operation goes 49 bouts.

In particular recommendation

People who often sitting in the office, often long standing workers or who focus on health.

Now concerned about whether you have the following problems?

? backache, low back pain

? lethargic

? chills, cold hands and feet

? nocturnal polyuria

? often dizziness, ringing in the ears

Secret in reaction:

1. If there is soreness in some parts of the body after use, this is the body's natural regulation of the normal reaction. Please feel at ease

2. If there is dark urine phenomenon after use, this is a normal reaction.
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