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Boost Fuel Saver

Boost Fuel Saver
USD 0.90 - 1.20
Boost Fuel Saver
Boost Fuel Saver
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United States
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3 - 4 days
1/2 fl oz. ( 15 mL) each Pack/Pouch or 1/2 Pint Bottle
Minimum Order:
20 Pack(s)
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55000 Pack(s) per Day

Product Description

Best fuel saver on the market. Huge profit margin. FAST SELLER in convenience stores, automotive stores, hardware and lawn stores, and more. Starter packs available. See web site for details or CALL: (402) 489-1000.

Witness Up to 10 Percent or MORE increase in fuel mileage MPG. Over 55 years of science & industrial use. Experience increase in: horsepower, engine life, and permits perpetual storage of gasoline, diesel and bio-fuels. “Best fuel saver on the market, starter packs available for your test.” Huge profit / Markup potential, Fast Seller with repeat sales.


Boost Fuel Saver/Treatment, is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics that result in better overall performance, of your internal-combustion engine. When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Boost Fuel Saver increases fuel economy-- up to 10% or MORE! Additionally Boost Fuel Saver improves performance and horsepower, reduces carbon build-up and carbon related maintenance problems and reductions in harmful emissions and pollutants sent into the environment.

The additional components of Boost Fuel Saver, combined with gasoline or diesel fuel:

(1.) contains an advanced burn-rate modifier and combustion surface modifier catalyst, which when combined with gasoline or diesel fuel;

a.) Increases the rate of the combustion reaction.

b.) Changes the molecular surface structure of the fuel to achieve a more efficient combustion process.

The active ingredient in Boost Fuel Saver prevents soot particles from adhering to equipment and metal surfaces. Boost Fuel Saver also reduces the fuel droplet size and thus increases the surface area where combustion occurs.

Boost Fuel Saver can also prevent the buildup of carbon deposits on the gas side of turbochargers.

As a result, the rated efficiency of the turbocharger can be maintained and water washing can be significantly reduced.

To summarize, Boost Fuel Saver offers:

Combustion Catalysts Improves combustion efficiency.

Polymerization Retardant – Reduce solids, formation to Keep diesel fuel pumpable and combustible.

Dispersant - Eliminates filter plugging and injector scoring, with reduced particulates and contaminants, extending engine life.

Corrosion Inhibitor - Retards internal corrosion and fouling of fuel tanks, to keep metal parts of the fuel system like new.

Demulsifier - Eliminates condensation in the fuel system and water from the fuel.

Lubricants- improved lubrication, reducing carbon and residue build-up on; fuel pump, injectors, valves, upper cylinder walls, combustion chamber, reducing component wear, and engine wear.

Detergent - Cleans injectors, and fuel system components, reducing maintenance costs, extending maintenance intervals and improved engine efficiency and economy.

Reduced fuel consumption while increasing HP.

Reduced emissions Cleaner, more complete burn

Permits perpetual fuel storage Stability agents prolong the life of stored fuel.


- Improves Performance and horsepower

Boost burns more of the available BTU's in the fuel, resulting in better performance.

- Increases Fuel Mileage

Boost reduces fuel consumption, resulting in increased miles per gallon up to 10% or MORE!

- Reduces Harmful Emissions and Pollutants:

In comparative tests, Boost decreased combustable carbon residue 59% - 90%.

- Prolongs Engine Life and Reduces Engine Wear

Boost lubricates your engine, reduces friction and wear, extending your engine life.

- Prolongs the Life of Stored Fuel

Boost permits perpetual fuel storage, which helps extend the life of your fuel?s life.

Identification of a lubricating oil component in Boost Fuel Saver confirms the availability of a lubricant at the upper cylinder location during combustion. Such lubricating oil components are absent in gasoline, and their presence in a Boost Fuel Saver/gasoline blend enhances upper cylinder lubrication.

- Allows use of Low Octane or Bio-Fuels with No Decrease in Performance

To experience the benefits listed above without using Boost Fuel Saver, you would have to purchase the highest grade premium fuel available, spending .20 - .30 cents more per gallon, as well as many multiple individual additives.

Allow up to 5 - 8 treatments of Boost Fuel Saver, to obtain the maximum benefits. And double dose the first 2 - 3 treatments.

The highly concentrated blend of ingredients in Boost Fuel Saver (1/2 ounce treats 20 - 40 gallons of fuel) and eliminates the need for multiple products that are intended to treat just one symptom. Regular use of Boost Fuel Saver will allow for optimum results in engine performance when combined with regular and scheduled maintenance of any internal-combustion engine.
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