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Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB
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Manufacture 1-4 Layer aluminum PCB, Thermal Conductivity: 1- 5w Special Material; Bergquis, Laird, PTTC, and so on.

Aluminum PCBS are one of the most popular types of metal core PCB MCPCB, also known as IMS Isolated Metal Substrate. Aluminum PCB is a unique copper-clad sheet with excellent thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Aluminum PCBS effectively divert heat away from important parts of the board, which minimizes potential damage to the board itself. Life is long. Aluminum in thermal conductive products has strong strength and durability, which is not comparable to porcelain or glass fiber. So Aluminum PCB is widely used in various fields, with its unique performance in a variety of electronic products occupy a seat. Fastlink Electronics has fully understood the characteristics of Aluminum PCB and mastered the manufacturing technology of Aluminum PCB skillfully. Choosing us is to choose the successful Aluminum PCB product manufacturing.

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What are The Application Areas of aluminum pcb led

Aluminium PCB is one of the most widely used circuit boards. They are used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

Lighting in the medical operating room

Surgical lighting tool

Indoor lighting

Beacon signal

Power transmission system

Surgical lighting tool

High power scanner

Car dashboard

Landscape Lighting

Power converter

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Benefits of Aluminum PCB



aluminum can adapt to all climates and is easy to mine and refine. This makes it much cheaper to mine and refine than other metals. It can be seen that the manufacturing cost of products using Aluminum PCB is also lower. Aluminum PCBs are also a less expensive alternative to heat sinks.


Environmental Protection

Aluminum is a non-toxic, recyclable metal. From the manufacturer to the end consumer, the use of aluminum in PCBs contributes to the health of the planet.


Good Heat Conduction

High temperature is the cause of serious damage to electronic equipment. Aluminum can conduct and transfer heat from critical components to minimize damage to printed circuit boards.



Aluminum is stronger and more durable than basic materials such as ceramics and fiberglass. It can greatly reduce the accidental damage that may occur during PCB manufacturing, processing, and daily use.



Considering its durability, aluminum pcb is very light. This increases the strength and elasticity of the board without adding extra weight.

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