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Automated Optical Inspection AOI

Automated Optical Inspection AOI
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Product Description

Comprehensive PCBA testing services including AOI digital inspection, X-Ray, ICT in-circuit testing and FCT functional circuit test stands to ensure PCB assembly quality.

As circuit boards become more complex, checking them manually becomes more difficult and impossible. AOI plays a very important role in PCB post-assembly inspection. It is generally used to test and inspect PCB for potential errors such as surface defects, dimensional defects, and component placement defects. It plays an important role in obtaining the required product quality at low cost on the production line.

At Fastlink Electronics, every board we produce is inspected by automated pcb manufacturing AOI to ensure that the final customer receives a flawless board.

Attributes and Capabilities of FastLink's Automated Optical Inspection

high-speed inspection system-Independent of PCB mounting density

The fast and convenient programming system

Apply specialized Multi-function detection algorithm Binary or gray level optical imaging processing technology to detect

High precision detection: Responding to the instantaneous change of the position of the detected element to realize the automatic correction of the detection window

Check by marking with ink directly on the PCB board or by graphical error representation on the operator display

Necessity of automated electronics assembly AOI Test

The need for AOI testing.


AOI Testing

The current market demands a reliable and fast inspection method, which is why AOIAutomatic optical Inspection becomes so important before the product leaves the production floor and plays a role in a customer's project or equipment. In addition, AOI testing can reduce costs and expose problems at an early stage.



It is almost impossible for current electronics to work without PCBs. PCBs play a vital role in electrical connections between components such as integrated circuits ics assembled on bare boards in a variety of electronic devices, from relatively simple electronic watches, calculators, PDAs, and electronic communications equipment to advanced electronic devices such as military, medical, or aerospace products.



Due to the rapid progress of modern technology and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for electronic equipment, modern circuits are becoming more and more complex. In addition, the introduction of surface mount technology SMT makes the circuit board to miniaturization and high-density development. Nowadays, even an ordinary printed circuit board contains a large number of solder joints and layers. In addition, the ever-shrinking size of components makes the number of applications of 0402 and 0201 components urgent to ensure that the correct components use the correct polarity and values.



When it comes to PCB and PCBA detection methods, manual detection makes sense for a while. However, in modern circuit board inspection, due to the inability to check internal problems or defects, Aoi came into being.

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