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PCBA Components Assembly

PCBA Components Assembly
USD 0.03 - 30.00

Product Description

Our attrition rate is very low as 0% for IC, 0.3% for Capacitor and Resisitor. We can assembly very precise chips03015 chip/0.35pitch BGA.

We understand that low-cost component procurement is the basis for providing customers with the lowest possible manufacturing costs. Through our professional sourcing team and reliable sourcing channels, we are able to obtain the lowest prices in the global market even for components that are usually difficult to find.

Fastlink Electronics offers a wide range of active component assemblies IC integrated circuits, memory chips, diodes, transistors, etc., passive components capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc. and electromechanical components connectors, switching devices, etc., or other hard-to-find special electronic components.

Advantages of Fastlink Electronics in pcba parts

Supply chain guarantee:

Cooperate with well-known brand manufacturers and agents to ensure that you will receive original and new products without fake and shoddy products. Professional IQC team, a strict inspection of each part, to ensure that the product is genuine, and provides you with the most competitive price.

Full range of products:

With many wide channels, international leading well-known brands deep cooperation can provide an integrated circuit IC, MOS field effect transistor, diode, Schottky, voltage regulator, silicon controlled, optical coupler, IGBT/ power tube patch LED capacitor/resistor/inductor, connector, etc.

Fast delivery:

Stable channels, we hold a large amount of inventory, can provide assurance for the rapid delivery of components. Conventional components are well supplied and there are no order delays.

Quality service:

Inquiry and order will be quick response, professional team has rich experience, understand the market trend data, to provide cost-effective services.

Full traceability:

We practice full supply chain management and purchase only from franchisees or directly from component manufacturers. This ensures that we get the best opportunities and the best price points, that all suppliers are trusted and reliable, and that the procurement process is fully traceable.

Bill of Material quotation:

Many years of distribution and inspection experience. To provide customers with the most reliable products and services. Provide individual product information or full BOM to us, you will receive the product quotation and delivery time very soon.

Buy from pcb components assembly manufacturers.

How Does PCBA Components Assembly Work?

As a buyer or project manager, you must have a lot of work to do. You need a manufacturing vendor to help simplify your work and be as efficient as possible. Fastlink Electronics will make every possible effort to help you succeed.

Send your BOM lists in excel, CSV, or text to get started quickly.

Leverage our library of valid part numbers to validate the items on your BOM.

See real-time costs and lead time for your entire list.

Place orders with ease and repeatedly according to your production needs require.

Update us if your BOMs have any as you make changes.

Confirm the order again and Fastlink Electronics’s customer support will take care of the rest for you.

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