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Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups

Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups
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Product Description

Honokage provides custom printing, a wide selection of plastic cup designs and a variety size for all your demands. For cold beverages like iced coffee, smoothies, bubble/buba tea, milkshakes frozen cocktails, as well as for water, sodas, and juices, plastic clear cups are excellent.

Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups For Sale

Plastic milk tea cups from Honokage with flat rim are suitable for most of cup sealing machine, they are made from PP Polypropylene material. For drinks like milk tea cold, bubble tea, fruit drinks, and sugarcane drinks, they're very popular plastic cup used. Just put the customer's preferred beverage in the cup and use your cup sealing machine to seal it. It moves quickly and effectively.

Different Plastic Printed Milk Tea IML Cups Models Contrast

When starting a cold drinks business, picking transparent plastic cups could seem like an afterthought, but it's crucial to realize that the correct disposable drink cups can not only represent your brand's individuality but also forge a personal connection with your customers. A well-thought-out selection can actually help your firm grow and reduce expenditures over time. The ideal disposable cold cups for your bubble tea establishment can be found using the following advice from Honokage.

PP Polypropylene and PET are the two types of plastic cups available Polyethylene Terephthalate. PP plastic cups are the more affordable and widely used alternative. Although this material is more resilient and can withstand temperatures of up to 248°F 120°C, Despite being a little more expensive, PP cup has a more hard touch, a strong texture, and a beautiful appearance.

Different Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups Models Contrast

FAQs of Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups


What is the printing method of milk tea cups will be

You can choose your PP cups to be offset printing or IMLIn Mould Labelling.

Can I get free plastic cup milk tea samples to try

Yes, in case we have stocks for the injection molded PP cups, we can send the samples by free.

Do you have existing lids to match with your PP drinks cup

Matched lids are available.

If you want to buy plastic containers bulk, please leave us a message.
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