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Liquid Skin Silane Coating For All Vehicles 250ml

Liquid Skin Silane Coating For All Vehicles 250ml
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Liquid Skin
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Product Description

Easy to apply water-based silane coating for long-term protection of all exterior surfaces of all types of vehicles. Liquid Skin adheres chemically to glass, painted surfaces, and plastic/metal details, creating a defensive coating that keeps the surfaces clean and scratchless.

Some of Liquid Skin amazing benefits include:

- High gloss and polished effect up to 52 weeks

- UV-Protection

- Water-based, 100% eco-friendly and safe to use formula

- Suitable for most materials

- Very easy to use

Liquid Skin nano silane coating gives a long-lasting result to protect your vehicle

GoGoNano Liquid Skin is the perfect tool for protecting your car’s exterior, it can be the body, windows, plastic parts, or even wheels. Protect your car paint from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, and iron powder. It even protects against UV radiation, which also helps prevent the vehicle’s colors from fading. Liquid Skin silane coating is suitable for long-term protection of all types of vehicles. It is water-based and its composition is 99% natural.

This protective liquid leaves a long-lasting silane coating on the used surface, which protects the vehicle’s surface. It is material and environment friendly, works well with all typical glass and painted surfaces, and the protective liquid itself is colorless. It does not contain PFC, wax, or silicone.

Liquid Skin is very easy to use: spray about 2-3 sprays per square meter and apply it with a non-woven cloth. Allow the surface to dry, after which you can polish again with a dry and soft microfiber cloth. For an ideal result, the ambient temperature should be between 10-25°C and it should be used in a shady place without precipitation and direct sunlight. The durability of the result is long-lastingup to 52 weeks, but we recommend repeating its use at least twice a year. For a particularly good result, it is best to use it with GoGoNano Lumina car shampoo.

The result when using Liquid Skin is a highly glossy surface that is always protected and its brilliance and reflection can usually be seen for 24 to 52 weeks. Your car can no longer be scratched and you don’t have to worry about its appearance. The substance itself is biodegradable and is also suitable for the protection of hard car interior surfacesplastic, glass, or metal details. Liquid Skin is made in Estonia and it comes in a 250 ml bottle with a trigger pump. Your car will stay clean much longer and you will need less effort while washing your car next time.

Package Includes:

1 x 250ml GoGoNano Liquid Skin vehicles silane coating

1 x Non-Woven Microfiber Cloth, 40 x 38 cm

1 x Blue Very Soft Microfiber Cloth, 40 x 40 cm
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