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Auto Rear View Mirror Housing Mold

Auto Rear View Mirror Housing Mold
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Auto Rear View Mirror Housing Mold

The car rearview mirror is an important part of car exterior parts, located on both sides of the car, is one of the most important exterior parts of the car. The rearview mirror of a car is a device used to allow the driver to observe the road conditions during driving, which can be said to be the driver's eyes. Automobile rearview mirrors are generally composed of mirror ring, base, mirror housing, bracket, rotating shaft, and other parts.

Precautions for Auto Rearview Mirror Housing Mold

The parting line of the plastic part is on the R, and the R is on the fixed and movable mold respectively. In order to avoid the parting line appearance of the visual surface, special attention should be paid to making the core side 0.05-0.1mm smaller to avoid mismatch of the plastic part.

The fixed and movable die stop should be designed with precise positioning. Avoid dislocation of fixed and movable mold cores and prevent the mismatch of plastic parts.

Because of the sharp edges of the Auto rearview mirror housing mold setting and the mold core plastic material position, must be taken care of to protect it during the mold making. It is best to use opaque tape to protect it to avoid gaps during transportation.

When designing an oblique slider with a core pulling along the Z-axis, it is necessary to pay attention to the slope of the bottom surface of the front end of the oblique slider to be greater than or equal to the angle of the bottom surface of the oblique slider seat to avoid undercutting.

The design of the cooling lines and spring of the inclined slider must be parallel to the angle of the core pulling of the inclined slider to facilitate the processing of the inclined slider.

The bottom of the wear block at the bottom of the inclined slider should be designed to be straight, and the wear block should be protruding to avoid interference with the B plate and the stroke stop of the inclined slider when the inclined slider moves backward.

Since the oblique slide block must be installed with the fixed mold core to save the jaws, the slider needs to be designed for the mushroom head positioning, and the design of the craft screw is also necessary to facilitate the installation of the fixed mold core and the oblique slide block to save the jaws.

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