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Product Description

Mold monitor, also called mold protector and electronic eye, is a mold protection system mainly for monitoring, controlling and inspecting the operation conditions of all kinds of injection molding machine in real time.

In industrial manufacturing process, mold loss is very heavy. Mold monitor utilizes machine visual contrast function and powerful computing speed of computer CPU to carry out real-time computing processing of image data. Through the analysis of image captured during machine running, the mold monitor with visual technology intelligently monitors operation conditions of injection machine. The mold monitor plays an important role in improving mold quality, properly caring and maintaining the mold, prolonging mold service life, also reducing cost and improving efficiency in injection processing industry.

Lisen Automation, as one of logistics automation companies, has adopted advanced techniques to produce machines with high quality. If you want to know more information about Automated control system, please contact us.

Advantages of Mold Monitor

Inspect if product is short of material, and if injection is insufficient.

Reduce unnecessary pin ejecting.

Inspect if molded product sticks on fixed mold.

Inspect if inserts are out of position, missed, or out of shape.

Inspect if mold ejector pin, slider, and neutron back to right position before mold clamping.

Inspect if molded product falls off normally and if mechanical arm is back to right position before mold clamping.

Application Industries of Mold Monitor

The mold monitoring system now is often applied to the following industries:

Machinery industry

Automobile industry

Medical apparatus industry

Home appliance industry

Hardware industry

Application Scenarios of Mold Monitor

Application in injection molding of precision molds molds that are easy to bend and break, such as TYPE-C connectors and other accessories.

Used for molds that require accessory for inlay, to prevent injection without the accessory.

Application in automobile parts production.

Application in medical apparatus precision instruments production.

Application in production and inspection process of home appliance and digital products.

Application in hardware products and die casting related fields.
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