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Volumetric Plastic Color Mixer

Volumetric Plastic Color Mixer
USD 1.00 - 100000.00
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100 Sets
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1000 Sets per Month

Product Description

The volumetric doser proportioning machine is suitable for the automatic proportioning and mixing of new materials, secondary materials, color masterbatches or additives. According to the preset ratio of mixing, the required speed rpm is automatically calculated through the conditions set by the microcomputer control system, and the measurement is accurate, and the error value is ±0.5%. The product has two modes, which are suitable for plastic injection molding and extrusion molding. The screw diameter is divided into 16, 24, 34, etc., which are precisely controlled by a stepping motor.

Specification of volumetric plastic colour mixer machine

Standard specifications SVV-16 SVV-24 SVV-34

The screw diameter mm 16 24 34

Measurement motor Stepper motor 86-80 86-80 86-80

MAX.Measurement speed rpm 100 100 150

The output weight g/s 2.5 12 20

Hopper capacity L 12 12 12

Mixer power ?Options?

Remarks: Add MX after the above models when adding the agitator. The output is the data measured by continuous operation of plastic particles with a specific gravity of 0.8KG/dm3 and a diameter of 2-3mm.

Features Of Volumetric Plastic Color Mixer

Easy blender setting

High precision stepper motor drive screw

The screw is wear-resistant , durability is superior

Precise and steady continuous operation

Can store 50 sets of formula

Equipped with communication interface, can undertake future industry 4.0

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