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Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion Test Chamber
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Product Description

Corrosion tests are carried out to check the resistance of a material or a coating to the corrosion process which is triggered naturally with the reaction chemical or electrochemical to the aggression of oxidizing agents such as, for example, atmospheric oxygen, moisture, gas, corrosive solutions… The tests are conducted with corrosion testing equipment or corrosion test chambers. This process leads to a gradual deterioration of the material subject to oxidation and the loss of its characteristics this can be easily seen in all those cases in which a metal surface rusts.

Types of Corrosion Test Chambers

Salt-spray corrosion test chamber was the standard way to simulate corrosion in a lab, can help manufacturer to understand how corrosion affects your product, which is the best coating or which materials could be most suitable in the context of use.

Salt cyclic corrosion test chambers, specimens are exposed to a series of different environments in a repetitive cycle that simulate the outdoors, such as wet cycle, dry cycle, controlled humidity as well as the salt spray test in a single chamber.

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