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Tower Crane Anti Collision Device ACD System

Tower Crane Anti Collision Device ACD System
USD 2900.00 - 4200.00
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Paper Carton with foam filled.
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Product Description

RJ-101 tower crane Anti-collision Device include the host with a dynamic monitor (built-in automatic stop feature), the angle sensor, range sensor, tilt sensor, wind speed sensor, height sensor, weight sensor, wireless communication modules and other components.

No. Name Quantity Remark

1 Host(built-in LCD screen+braking control) 1 standard

2 angle sensor 1 standard

3 range sensor 1 standard

4 wireless communication module 1 standard

5 height sensor 1 optional

6 wind speed sensor 1 optional

7 weight sensor 1 optional

8 tilt sensor 1 optional

9 Camera 4 optional

Feature of our system:

1. Anti-collision( tower crane with other cranes, barriers) and Zone Protection;

2. Anti-inclination( it will warn you when the inclination degree between tower crane arm and body close to or equal to the degree we set up);

3. Displaying the information of closed tower cranes on display at the same time;

4. Loading over-weight warning and intelligent brake;

5. Data record can record 200000 pieces of data. Memory card can be choose to install, more data will be recorded;

6. wind speed warning;

7. Monitoring on-spot working information

8. Tower Crane Wireless camera(hook, trolley, driving room. 19 inch + 1T memory card + Video decoder LED display. Working office can see the working status around tower crane and pictures.
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