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Girme's Organic Wheatgrass - Powder

Girme's Organic Wheatgrass - Powder
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Girme's Wheatgrass
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Three weeks
Sealed plastic container Dimensions: 5.5"H x 3.25"W x 2.35D Net Wt: 100 grams Servings: 30 Serving spoon included inside container Best before 1 year from manufacturer's packaging (Date is always on the label and each container has a recent date of fresh batch of wheatgrass).
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25 Pack(s)
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50000 Pack(s) per Month

Product Description

Girme's Organic Wheatgrass

100% Natural

No Artificial Colors and Gluten Free

Best in the Industry for Highest Grade Nutrition and Freshness

Wheatgrass is used for these areas:

Detoxification, strengthen immune system , digestion diet and disease, improve skin tone, natural food supplement, reduce fowl odors, improve alkaline diet, increase blood haemoglobin count, dietary fiber powder, reproductive health, pet nutrition supplement and more.

Our Wheatgrass powder is more effective than tablets, capsules & traditionally known fresh Wheatgrass juice. Made fresh daily in Indian all year round due to the topical climate.

Compare our Topical Wheatgrass product to other Wheatgrass products that use Winter Wheatgrass:

1) NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Our competitor grows one crop a year over a period of 200+ days, where as it requires just 7 days in Indian Tropical climate to reach ‘jointing stage’ (Tropical climates produce 30 times more wheatgrass than winter climates). The wheat seed has limited ‘stored nutrition’ to support the plant growth at initial stage until it's stem gets formed. This means the nutrients get lost in sustaining the plant growth and very little is left to add value for therapeutic purpose. Hence our competitor's nutritional value is going to be less than our Indian tropical Wheatgrass.

2) CHLOROPHYLL: Our competitor has just 0.420 g/100g chlorophyll whereas in Girme's Wheatgrass it is 6.15 g………More than 10 times……!!

3) FRESHNESS: Our competitor can harvest just 1 crop in a year, whereas we in India harvest a daily fresh crop and fresh Wheatgrass Powder is dispatched daily. This adds to the therapeutic value of our product as fresh enzymes and fresh amino acids are likely to have a profound healing capacity.

4) ETHNIC CONNECTION: India is considered the land of origin of Ayurveda & Naturopathy. Hence our Nature Cure based product (Wheatgrass Powder) has a strong acceptance in worldwide markets.

5) CLIMATE: Wheatgrass grown in tropical climate has more chlorophyll & metabolites as it absorbs more sun energy compared to our competition's winter Wheatgrass.

6) EFFICACY: Tropical Wheatgrass has more immunity building & healing capacity than winter Wheatgrass grown in cold climates.

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