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Stainless Steel Sieve Mesh

Stainless Steel Sieve Mesh
USD 4.00 - 6.00
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5 days
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15 Meter
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50000 Meter per Week

Product Description

Material: SUS 304,304 L 316,316 L

weaving: Plain woven,twill woven,Dutch woven, reverse woven,etc.

Mesh:3-635 .


Uses:For mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, and other industries.

Application:It is used in screening and seperation in mine,coal,grain,medicine,ceranic,glass,food,scientific research and other fields.

Reking can offer wide range of stainless steel sieving cloth according to the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperature size, as well as type of weaves. Reking can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible as silk to being as rigid as steel plate.

Stainless Steel Sieving Mesh Stainless Steel Sieving Mesh Stainless Steel Sieving Mesh

Stainless steel wire cloth is available in rolls or cutted into wire mesh discs and also as fabricated filter assembly. We are capable of processing the woven wire cloth into different shapes and sizes according to your request or drawings. Materials for weaving stainless steel wire mesh ( wire cloth ) is divided into Type 304,Type 304 L , Type 316 and Type 316 L .

Weaving Pattern:Plain weave, twilled weave, dutch weave, etc.

Characteristic: Acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, heat-resisting, corrosion-resisting, etc.

Uses: To sieve and filter in the acid and alkali environment. Stainless steel wire mesh is used as sieve mesh in petroleum industry; as filter-mesh in chemical industry; also used in galvanized industry.

Reking wire cloth offers custom fabrications of wire mesh for all types of applications. We have provided industry with wire mesh fabricated items used for Filtration and Sizing, Security and Safety, to Material Handling and Production Applications for many years.

We offer services such as cutting, shearing, bending, forming, rolling, welding, stamping and slitting to produce your specific requirements. We also manufacture screens for many OEM's.

Our products include Vibrating Screens, Sifting and Sizing Screens, both Open and Closed Cylinders, Large and Small Diameter Discs, Baskets, Trays, Liners, and Separator Rings to name some.

We offer various hook styles for our screens which are designed to fit your specific equipment.

Reking Wire Cloth Co., Ltd can produce all kinds of stainless steel sieving cloth as customers' requirements.

Mesh Wire dia aperture Opening

area(%) Weight(lb)/


inch mm inch mm

100x100 0.0045 0.114 0.0055 0.14 30.3 14.2

100x100 0.004 0.102 0.006 0.15 36 11

100x100 0.0035 0.089 0.0065 0.17 42.3 8.3

110x110 0.004 0.1016 0.0051 0.1295 30.7 12.4

120x120 0.0037 0.094 0.0064 0.1168 30.7 11.6

150x150 0.0026 0.066 0.0041 0.1041 37.4 7.1

160x160 0.0025 0.0635 0.0038 0.0965 36.4 5.94

180x180 0.0023 0.0584 0.0033 0.0838 34.7 6.7

200x200 0.0021 0.0533 0.0029 0.0737 33.6 6.2

250x250 0.0016 0.0406 0.0024 0.061 36 4.4

270x270 0.0016 0.0406 0.0021 0.0533 32.2 4.7

300x300 0.0015 0.0381 0.0018 0.0457 29.7 3.04

325x325 0.0014 0.0356 0.0017 0.0432 30 4.4

400x400 0.001 0.0254 0.0015 0.37 36 3.3

500x500 0.001 0.0254 0.001 0.0254 25 3.8

635x635 0.0008 0.0203 0.0008 0.0203 25 2.63

Stainless Steel Type 304/ 304L Filter Cloth

It is an austenitic, non-magnetic and thermally nonhardenable economical stainless steel. It resists most oxidizing acid and withstands all ordinary rusting. It is immune to foodstuffs, sterilizing most organic chemicals and dyestuffs and a wide variety of organic chamicals; but it resists poorly halogen acids.

Stainless Steel Type 316/ 316L Filter Cloth

It is similiar to Type 304 but distiguished primarily by the addition of molybdenum which significantly increases its corrosion resistance. Type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines, hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric, sulfurous, and acetic acids, and the hostile environment of the body when used for implant.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.
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