Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd..
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Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd..
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Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.. We are specialized in drill bits Tricone bits,(sealed Journal bearing and open roller bearing )steel tooth tricone bit,TCI tricone bit for kingdream ,CS,Lilin brand,PDC drill bit ,diamond core bit,bicenter bit,single cone bit , reamer bit,down hole opener,drag bit,button bit ,tricone bits,steel tooth bit,TCI bit ,pdc diamond bits , single cone bit,diamond core bit ,reamer bit,hole opener ,piling bit ,big diameter bit,drill pipe, Mud pump, stabilizers for water well, oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation work all over the world. Our purpose is to sell the best quality products and the lowest prices. (TCI bits, Milled steel tooth bits).: "8-1/2","9-1/2","12-1/4","15-1/2","17-1/2 to 26,We have been serving the drilling industry since 1998, we provide clients with quality drill bits ,drill pipe and related products. Regarding the drill bits, we can supply the sizes range from 3 " to 26 "with a large selection of both new and used bit.

We have designed many PDC drill bits to oil well companies so we are looking forward to your cooperation .
we are one of biggest drill bit manufacturer in Hebei province since 1998 and Our product:Trcione bit(steel tooth and TCI bit),PDC bit,Reamer bit and has accquired excellent reputation for exporting tricone bit and PDC bit
to Canada,America ,Spanish ,Newsland,Austrilia ,Iran ,Saudi Arabia,Italy Syria ,and so on .
We have imported large quantity of surplus scrap PDC bits,used ticone bit,second-hand drill bits .
All the used bits are needed to be resolved in our workshop .
we are the global buyer and have bought the second-hand tricone bits and PDC bits from Iran ,Dubai(UAE),Saudi Arabia,Syria,Egypt,Greece and so on .
if yousell used tricone bits and scrap PDC bits ,please feel free to contact me .
we have branch office in Dubai and it makes easier for us to buy bits from all the countries.
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Add: No.12, Beihuan Road, Cangzhou City, Province Hebei, China
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Hejian Huanyu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd..
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