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TributyrinEucalorie Oil 95% Tributyrin Animal Feed Additive

TributyrinEucalorie  Oil 95% Tributyrin Animal Feed Additive
USD 5.00 - 5.90
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Delivery Lead Time:
7-20 days
25KG/Barrel or 200KG/Barrel/ IBC
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Minimum Order:
1 Barrels
Supply Availability:
20000000 Barrels per Year

Product Description

Tributyrin is a triglyceride containing three butyrate molecules esterified to glycerol, augments butyrate concentrations after hydrolyzation by lipases. Butyric acid is well-known as an alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoter AGP to counteract

problems derived from Endotoxin exposure.

Tributyrin’s Feature

Tributyrin is hardly decomposed through the stomach, but decomposed into butyric acid and glycerol under the action of pancreatic lipase or other esterases,thereby providing sufficient energy source butyric acid for the intestines.

Half-life up to 40min,Tributyrin overcomes the defect of fast metabolism of butyrate in the blood, improves blood active oxygen carrying capacity and mitochondrial function for ATP synthesis, and reduce the fatal infection mortality.

The asymmetry of the molecular structure at both ends empowers it’s emulsifying properties and enhances the utilization rate of fat.

Tributyrin has molecular polarity and can effectively penetrate the cell membranes of some viruses and bacteria to get bacteriostatic effect.It can kill the E.coli, salmonella, streptococcus,etc.

The Performance of EUCALORIE Tributyrin feed additives in livestock and poultry ration

On Weaned Piglet

1.Stimulate intestinal development , repair the intestinal injury and reduce diarrhea rate and mortality rate

2.Promote the growth performance and daily weight gain ratio

On Broiler

1.Reduce the intestinal lesions,especially the coccidiosis and clostridium perfringens infection and improve the watery stools.

2.Improve the growth performance and survival rate,significantly lower the abdominal fat weight and increase the breast muscle weight.

On layer

Improve the production performance by about 2%.

All the above information is obtained through long-term repeated experiments. For more experimental data information, please contact us.

HS code: 291560


Appearance: Colourless to pale yellow oily liquid.

Package: 25kg, 200kg barrel or IBC

Testing items

Items Testing method

Product concentration GC

Lead Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Arsenic Atomic fluorescence method

Horwath Biotechnology Qualification

The only company in China that has the Tributyrin Food Additive Production License.

Obtained FAMI-QS, US FDA registration, ISO9001 and ISO22000 such certification.

Special line production to prevent cross infection and the product content can reach up to 99.9%.

Equipped with automatic liquid weighing system, air pressure conveying system, storage tank with stirring function, liquid emulsification tank and other professional production equipment and professional product testing equipment three liquid chromatographs and three gas chromatographs.
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