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DIPSO, full name is 3-Bis2-HydroxyethylAmino-2-Hydroxypropane-1-Sulfonic Acid, alias: 3-N, N-bishydroxyethylamino-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid. DIPSO has good solubility, and when completely dissolved in water, it is colorless and transparent. At room temperature, high-quality DIPSO is a white crystalline powder with very stable chemical properties. DIPSO produced by the company is only used for scientific research to regulate, stabilize the pH of the solution, and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis.

DIPSO Buffer Details

DIPSO buffers belong to the bis2-hydroxyethyl amine family family and can chemically react with most metal ions and are therefore not suitable for biological research environments that require metal ions. At the right temperature, DIPSO has the strongest buffering capacity in the range of 7.0-8.2 pH. However, in biochemical research, the use of a buffer will limit the PH range of the buffer solution, so DIPSO buffers are often combined with HEPES, MOPS, etc. to form new buffers to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the solution. The combined buffer range will be expanded, thereby reducing the concentration required when the buffer is used alone, while reducing the possible toxicity of the buffer to biochemicals.

It is used as a buffer and has the best buffering capacity in the range of PH 7.0-8.2. Desheng is a professional source manufacturer of DIPSO, under the efforts of scientific researchers, the production process continues to improve, can ensure that the production of DIPSO crystal powder is pure white, 99% purity of 99% , fully meet the production deadline.

DIPSO HEPES Buffer Advantages

The saturation of DIPSO is very low, in 20 °C aqueous solution, the saturation is 0.1M;

Almost insoluble in organic solvents, so it will not have an impact on biochemical reactions;

DIPSO buffer is not sensitive to changes in ambient temperature;

The solubility coefficient of DIPSO in solution is not affected by inorganic salts;

In general, DIPSO buffers do not penetrate biofilms;

When irradiated with ultraviolet and visible light waves, the ability of DIPSO buffer to absorb light is very small;

DIPSO does not react with enzymes and reduces the activity of enzymes.

Desheng's Advantages in DIPSO Buffer

The purity of DIPSO produced by Desheng can reach more than 99%, which meets your high-quality requirements;

Our company can support DIPSO small batch customization service;

Our company vigorously introduces advanced equipment, continuously improves production capacity, and effectively ensures the production delivery of DIPSO;

The professional R D team constantly studies the production process of DIPSO, and can adjust, improve and distribute samples according to customer supply requirements;

DIPSO sample testing and testing services can be provided according to customer requirements;

Rich import and export experience, can provide professional help for the export business of DIPSO products;

Cooperate with well-known logistics providers to provide high-quality DIPSO buffers for global customers.

Applications of DIPSO Buffer

In isolating purified proteins by chromatography, if the PH value of the solvent is close to the pKa value, the change in the PH value will strongly affect the ionizable compound, which in turn will affect the separation of the protein. Therefore, DIPSO buffers are often used to control the pH of the solution to maintain a constant value. Protein purification, isolation. DIPSO buffers are also commonly used in electrophoresis techniques to keep the pH of the solution constant as current passes through the experimental substance and provide the ions needed for migration for electrophoresis experiments.

DIPSO Buffer Instructions

When using DIPSO buffer, please stay away from the fire, do not eat, drink, smoke;

Usually placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place to prevent DIPSO crystal powder from getting wet;

When configuring DIPSO solution, operate in a sterile environment to avoid contamination;

Wear breathing masks and protective gloves correctly to protect your face and hands;

Avoid ingestion and inhalation of dust/smoke/gas/smoke/vapor/spray.

Avoid direct contact with the skin, after contact with DIPSO, please wash your hands thoroughly with a cleaning solvent.

DIPSO Buffer Considerations

DIPSO can react with strong acids/bases, strong oxidants/reducing agents, so when storing, it should be kept away from these incompatible materials;

When burning, it may emit toxic fumes and decompose harmful carbon oxides, sulfides and sulfur oxides;

DIPSO can complexate with most metals, so when using DIPSO as a buffer, do not use it in experiments that require metal ions;

The buffering capacity of DIPSO buffer is affected by temperature, please store at room temperature, try to use it as soon as possible, long-term storage is easy to produce impurities and be contaminated;

DIPSO produced by our company i
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