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DMAE-NHS CAS NO.115853-74-2

DMAE-NHS CAS NO.115853-74-2
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Product Description

The traditional acridine ester DMAE-NHS in chemiluminescence belongs to the raw material of flash chemiluminescence reagent, which can be used to label stable labels such as antigens, antibodies, special proteins, DNA, etc., so as to realize the chemiluminescence analysis of biomolecules.

Desheng produces acridinium ester DMAE-NHS raw material, CAS115853-74-2, the purity can reach more than 98, the luminescence intensity can reach the maximum at 0.4s, and the luminescence half-life at 0.9s. Its luminescence intensity is 6.11×10 18cps/mol, which is a very stable, highly sensitive and label-specific chemiluminescence reagent raw material.

DMAE-NHS in Detail

Acridine ester DMAE-NHS is a yellow powder, CAS115853-74-2, which can label a variety of antibodies, nucleic acids, proteins, polypeptides, etc. The luminescence data was collected by the instrument.

Advantages of Desheng DMAE-NHS Product

Desheng has six different groups of acridine ester, and acridine ester DMAE-NHS introduces a sulfonamide group, which increases steric hindrance and makes hydrolysis better;

Acridine ester completely eliminates the radioactive hazard, environmental protection and safety. Desheng has a professional RD team, which is more stable for acridine ester DMAE-NHS batches, and the indicators can be customized;

Desheng acridine ester DMAE-NHS reagent has a long validity period, and the validity period can last for more than one year. Due to the decay of radioisotopes, the general validity period of radioimmunoassay is one month, and the storage performance of enzyme immunity is poor, and it cannot be compared with chemiluminescence. The longer validity period can reduce the trial cost and facilitate the promotion and application.

Desheng is the direct manufacturer of acridinium ester DMAE-NHS, with long-term sufficient stock and fast delivery.

Application of Acridinium Ester DMAE-NHS

Acridine ester DMAE-NHS can be used for receptor, nucleic acid and peptide detection and other chemiluminescence and immunoassays. There is no need to add catalyst in the process of detection and analysis. When DMAE-NHS is oxidized by H2O2 in an alkaline medium, the light absorption wavelength is 430nm. After passing through the ketone dioxide intermediate, it generates electrical excitation of N-methylacridone and returns to the ground state, releasing photons. .

Precautions for the Use of Acridinium Ester DMAE-NHS

The concentration and volume of HNO3, H2O2, and NaOH used in the luminescence initiation reagent are different, and the luminescence intensity of DMAE-NHS is different.

Adding surfactants can increase the luminescence intensity of DMAE-NHS.

For bottling, opaque bottles should be used, and they should be stored in the refrigerator away from light.

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