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Graphite Rod

Graphite Rod
USD 5.00 - 100.00
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Delivery Lead Time:
20 days
Kraft paper packaging, wooden box, plastic steel belt packaging
Minimum Order:
200 Pieces
Supply Availability:
15000 Packs per Month

Product Description

Graphite rod is made of carbon, high purity graphite, and appropriate adhesive. It is formed by extrusion. Graphite composite rod has high-temperature resistance, good conductivity and is not easy to break. It is suitable for cutting the metal into a satisfactory shape. The electric heater commonly used in high-temperature vacuum furnaces is easy to oxidize at high temperatures. Except for vacuum, high density graphite rod can only be used in a neutral atmosphere or reducing atmosphere. Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity is large, high-temperature resistance, extreme cold, and extreme heat resistance are good, the price is cheaper.

Graphite Rods for Sale

High Temperature Resistant Graphite Rod

High temperature resistant pyrolytic graphite rod is a cylindrical material of artificial graphite, which can achieve mechanical load-bearing, high-temperature resistant medium material, and so on. The high-quality characteristic of graphite rod is the characteristic of graphite, which has the advantages of low resistivity, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, and so on.

Oxidation Resistant Graphite Rod

It is used for purifying oil, medicinal casing, purifying organic coolant of the atomic reactor, and adsorbing radioactive waste;

Graphite Degassing Rod

Using graphite degassing rods can prolong the service life of the rotor, save degassing costs, reduce the number of rotor replacements, and more importantly, improve degassing quality.

Advantages of graphite rod compared with impregnated graphite


A graphite rod is made by mixing carbon graphite powder and various adhesives in a certain proportion, and then pre molding, pressing hot extrusion or cold forming, or high-temperature heat-treatment process. This method can be used to produce pipes, plates, pipes, gate valves, pumps, etc. it can also be used as metal composites, couplings, mechanical equipment sealing rings, cylinder engine pistons, etc. compared with impregnated graphite, it has the following characteristics

1. The production and manufacturing mode is relatively simple. Raw materials can use crushed graphite to produce carbon graphite products and control the cost;

2. The porosity is small, the sorting structure is symmetrical, and the water permeability is good.

3. After forming, the appearance is high density and bright, and there is no need to process except the connecting end.

4. The heat transfer coefficient is less than that of impregnated graphite, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is very large.

Excellent organic chemical reliability, heat transfer, conductivity, temperature resistance, heat resistance, and high impact toughness;

Advantages of graphite rod compared with impregnated graphite

The reason why the price of graphite rod is different

Application field of graphite rod

Now the price of graphite and carbon products is affordable, if you have needs, please contact us.
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