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Product Description

Under the threat of global energy shortage and the urgency to curb environmental pollution, the demand for energy conservation and emission reduction is increasing day by day, and countries have successively required enterprises to establish energy management systems to cope with the energy crisis.

Acrel is a listed company specializing in energy management solutions. It has nearly 20 years of experience in this field and has a complete energy management system, from hardware to software, from products to services, to provide protection for companies in need.


Types Of Microgrid Energy Management

A complete end-to-end smart energy management solution for commercial industrial sectors.

Advantages of Acrel Microgrid EMS

Measure, Monitor, Manage your energy consumption with Acrel's Microgrid Energy Management Solution


Centralized Monitoring

Remote devices upload data 24 hours a day


Users can register their own accounts and add devices through the mobile APP


Energy Analysis

Get the energy consumption of the devices anytime, anywhere



Once an alarm occurs on the device, the alarm data will be uploaded in real time and pushed by the app to relevant person

Important Cases of Acrel Microgrid EMS

01 Europe-Acrel?

Europe-Acrel IDC Precision Distribution Monitoring Solution, Energy Efficiency Management System, Wireless Temperature Monitoring System and Photovoltaic system solutions are favoured by Europe.

02 America-Acrel?

America-Acrel provides a variety of solutions, such as Medical Isolation Power Supply systems, Energy Consumption Monitoring for Base Station, Wireless Temperature Monitoring systems, Photovoltaic system solutions, and Residual current operated relay for the American electrical industry.

03 Africa-Acrel?

Africa-Acrel Medical Isolation Power Supply System, Power Monitoring System, IDC Precision Distribution Monitoring Solution, Power IoT Cloud Platform etc, are widely used in the electrical industry in Africa.

04 Asia-Acrel?

Asia-Acrel has a variety of cases in Asia, focusing on DC energy meter in photovoltaic systems, multi-circuits meters for data center, IOT energy management systems, Hall sensor applications, etc.

Acrel provides need of energy management in microgrids, energy management systems in microgrid operations, ems microgrid, microgrid management software, energy management system in power system, microgrid management, power and energy meter, power transducer, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!
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