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Pressure Containers CNC Spinning Machine

Pressure Containers CNC Spinning Machine
USD 1.00 - 2.00
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Product Description

The process of forming by rotating metal is used to make pressure vessels and vessels. The special configuration of this CNC Spinning Machine allows the starting tube to be fixed and heated by means of an external induction device, so that the corresponding fusion of the steel takes place to ensure the container is sealed. Pressure vessels can be used for oxygen cylinders, CNG, hydraulic accumulators, etc.

Product Advantages

Processing and production is simple

Short Spinning Time

High Output

High Accuracy In Production And Processing

High Automation Accuarcy

Minimum Tolerance

Siemens SIMENS 808D 828D CNC Systerm

Playback motion control

Machine Description

LEICHMAN Made Double roller vertical style strong spinning machine specializing in the manufacture of various models of automobile wheel.

1. The spindle and transmission system of the Metal Spinning Machine bed and the tail stock of the spinning roller frame have enough rigidity.

2. the lateral and longitudinal feeding mechanism of the spinning frame is combined driven by hydraulic pressure and machinery, which can produce enough selective pressure and adjust speed in balance.

3. Processing Capacity: 24 12

4. Singal roller extrusion force: 10T

5. Control Shaft number: 4 Feed Shaft, 1 Main Shaft

6. High Precision Metal Spinning Produce is realized by using servo motor drive and high rigidity structure.


Lamp reflectors, LED lampshades, handicrafts, hardware processing industries, etc.


Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, Cooper

Product introduction:

The light duty WLL series Leichman CNC spinning machine is specially developed to meet the needs of small spinning parts in mobile lighting, commercial lighting, cookware, hardware, handicrafts, air conditioners, automobiles and other industries. It could save labor costs and also affordable.

It could also be equipped with manipulator which could do the automatic loading and unloading.

The machine is very stable with mature technology and now is highly recognized by customers from all over the worlds.
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