No. 3 Jiamei road, Jiaxiang Industry Park,jining,s
hangzhou, ZH
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? We are the most largest manufacturers of Polyethylene Tape in China for the Corrosion Control of pipelines and specialty applications since the year 2001.
? A company supplying Polyethylene Coating Systems to the corrosion industry within the oil, gas and water pipeline construction industry for both onshore and offshore applications.
? A manufacturer of standard and specialty products.
? High-quality anti-corrosion systems providing anti-corrosion solutions for oil pipelines, natural gas, chemicals and water transmission and distribution pipelines, etc.
? Global supplier of PE corrosion system for metallic pipelines
Industries that We Serve
? Oil, Gas and Water Transmission pipeline market ,Oil and Gas distribution and utility markets
? New pipeline construction markets
? Rehabilitation and Reconditioning market
? Offshore Industry
? Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Industry
? Manufacture of Polyethylene coatings utilizing Butyl based elastomeric adhesives, Polyethylene films and liquid adhesives for corrosion protection of steel pipe.
? Provides corrosion protection with the inherent chemistry of Polyethylene and Butyl Adhesive for resistance to water and oxygen penetration. Oxygen and Water are prevented from reaching the metal substrate, which are necessary and sufficient conditions for corrosion.
? Manufacture of conventional and specialty Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polymeric Alloys and coating systems for pipe corrosion protection.
? Manufactures PE coatings systems for applications for New Pipe Construction and Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
? Approved to ISO 9001 and to other good manufacturing and technical standards and norms governed within the energy and pipeline industry.
? Coating systems that have a broad range of temperature and shear resistance properties to meet the requirements of the pipeline and end-user.
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No. 3 Jiamei road, Jiaxiang Industry Park,jining,s
hangzhou, ZH