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Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber
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Product Description

Glued Steel Fiber, an alternate concrete reinforcing material are high tensile steel wires with hooked ends, glued together by the water-soluble adhesive for compactness and uniform dispersion in concrete, to increase the concrete properties by 3-4 times.

steel fiber reinforced concrete supplier improve the mechanical properties concrete and materials such as ductility,

energy absorption, fatigue, and toughness. This fiber helps to controls plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete; helps reduce or eliminate need for conventional reinforcement.

Application of Glued steel fiber reinforced concrete

1. For concrete flooring

Industrial floors

Joint-less floors


Lightly loaded floors

Liquid tight floors composite metal decking

2. stainless steel fiber supplier For Hard Standing Heavy Duty

Parking lots


Airport runways


Maintenance hangers

Access roads workshops

Ports Containers for port pavements

Container terminals

Bulk storage areas access roads

For army tank movement

3. steel fibers for concrete reinforcement Other Applications


Traditional cellar and basement walls

Compression layers

Tunnel engineering

Compared with the GuangYa loose steel fiber the operation and advantages of the glued steel fiber:

1. Add the steel fiber directly into the belt, the whole row of steel fiber as a whole, evenly dispersed in the concrete corner

2. The water-soluble glue begins to dissolve in a row of steel fibers in the premise of the dispersion, it is again dispersed in every corner of the mono filament fiber, showing the perspective in the concrete of the fiber mesh, which plays an integral strengthening.

3. Compared with mono-filament fibers, China bonded steel fibers will not be bundled to ensure that the fibers in concrete do not coalesce and distribute evenly.

Glued steel fibers are loose hook-end fibers that are bonded together in a row. The great difference between loose fiber and glued fiber is that the former is easy to clog and the latter is easy to disperse evenly.
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