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Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber

Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber
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Product Description

Steel fiber is a kind of fine steel wire with length and diameter in a certain range, which is added to enhance the performance of concrete.

Manufacturing Process of high tenacity Steel Fiber:

1. Wire Drawing and Bobbin

2. Braiding and Gluing Line

3. Cutting

4. Packaging

How do GuangYa tensile strength Steel Fiber work in concrete

These disorderly distributed steel fibers can effectively prevent the expansion of micro cracks and the formation of macro cracks in concrete, significantly improve the tensile, bending, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete, and make the concrete have better ductility. At the same time, there are special anchor ends at both ends of the stensile strength Steel Fiber price, which can enhance the grip with the concrete. When the concrete is deformed, the anchor end can effectively transmit and distribute the stress, so that the cracks can be resolved into micro scattered micro cracks.
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