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Micro Copper Coated Steel Fiber

Micro Copper Coated Steel Fiber
USD 1.00 - 2.00

Product Description

Micro fibers are filaments of steel wire for reinforcement of concrete and mortar. For manufacturing micro fibers are using wires of different diameters cut to lengths.

The function of copper-plated microwires is somewhat different from that of other steel fibers.It is mainly used in UHPC high performance concrete, RPC and SIFCON, such as: sleepers for high-speed railway, hydraulic engineering and so on.

Specification of Guangya Copper Coated Micro Steel Fiber

Diameter is between 0.2mm to 2.5mm.

Length is 6mm-13mm.

Tensile Strength is more than 2800 Mpa.

Straight, hooked-end,wavy shape is available.

Copper Coated Micro Steel Fiber manufacturer Package and Storage

Micro fibers are available in paper sacks of 20 kg. Pallet weight 1000 kg. Please store the fibers in a dry and tidy warehouse, avoid rain, do not stack


Recommended dosage of steel fiber is 25 kg per 1m³ of concrete for 0,5 CMOD.

Economic benefits of micro steel fiber manufacturer

• Requires no minimum amount of concrete cover

• Always positioned in compliance with codes

• Safe and easier to use than traditional reinforcement

• Reduces construction time

• Leads to uniform application of shotcrete thickness

• No voids that can develop behind wire mesh
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