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We offer a full line of lab tested products that ‘wrap’ onto any 1/2 keg of beer, forming a tight seal and barrier that will keep beer cold for 3 times longer than the duration of an un-insulated keg.

In addition, the KegSkins line of products and its superior design delivers two distinct product benefits. It offers the unique ability to re-enforce a consistent brand message as well as improve operational efficiencies in its product delivery to consumers.

The KegSkin is currently being used by Wrigley Field, The Venetian, Whole Foods, The Brewers Association as well being used by hundreds of brewers, special events coordinators, and distributors.

We have been featured in Beverage World Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Draft Magazine, to name a few.

We have also been contacted and featured by,, and Groupon all who had very successful campaigns with the product.

All of our products are fully customizable (4-color print process) with any graphic, logo or picture up to a print size of 12” X 12”.

We offer 5 color choices; Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Orange and Purple.

1. Cost Efficient: To adequately keep a keg cold, the average consumer spends roughly $10-15 on ice per keg. On top of this a receptacle or container must be handy to hold the mess made by the melting ice, which will run any where from $15-25. Kegs are already heavy and hard to transport… so why make the process more expensive and complicated? After all you are trying to have a good time. The “Classic” KegSkin model is only $39.95 and will save you money and peace of mind.

2. Easy: The KegSkin requires no upkeep. You no longer have to waste money on ice and oversized tubs. No more inconvenient messes and labor intensive set up. The KegSkin stretches to fit all ½ keg shapes and within seconds, will start maintaining the temperature of your beer.

3. Durable: The Classic KegSkin has been tested by some of the most irresponsible and reckless individuals on earth, under the harshest weather and environmental conditions, and we can assure you that this product will pass the test of time with flying colors.

4. Customizable: At KegSkins we stress individuality and encourage our customers to submit a custom order form. Whether you want to upload a pic from the last DMB concert you attended or insist on letting every one know that you play a club sport, we will work with you to make even the most awful idea, aesthetically pleasing!

5. Environmentally Friendly: For those who eat organically but still like to let loose, no need to worry, the KegSkin cuts down on the energy that would be used to power industrial ice machines, making the world cleaner and safer one Skin at a time.

6. It Keeps Your Beer Cold: The KegSkin will keep your beer cold for 5+ hours, saving you money and hassle, satisfaction guaranteed.

- Brewers, Wholesalers, and Distributors
- Stadiums, Arenas, Convention Centers, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Racetracks, Cruise Ships, On/Off Site Caterers
- Hotels, Banquet Facilities
- Lifestyle Consumer Brands

Our wholesale pricing is based on the following order sizes:

Under 500 Pieces
500-1,000 Pieces
1,000-5,000 Pieces
5,000 and Up

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