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Use Of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion For Textiles

Use Of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion For Textiles
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Polyethylene emulsion are used in the textile industry and are mainly used as softeners and sizing aids.

Polyethylene wax emulsion produced by KING HONOR is an odorless, non-corrosive non-ionic emulsion, resistant to acid, alkali, hard water and water. The emulsion is stable, the water is diluted in any proportion, no layering, no demulsification, no agglomeration, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion, and is widely used in the textile industry.

The gloss and elasticity of waxed and unwaxed fabrics are completely different. After waxing, the pinhole passes smoothly, the tension is reduced, and the breakage is reduced. The fabric is a bit like the softness and feel of satin.

The wax emulsion produces high gloss, bright color, high elasticity and high tensile strength in the fabric, and is often used in post-finishing to make the fabric have excellent hand feel, softness, smoothness and gloss.

Textile special wax emulsion adopts advanced technology, adopts a variety of high-quality natural waxes, stabilizers, co-emulsifiers and environmentally friendly surfactants to form a solid self-emulsifying wax emulsion.

The advantages of KING HONOR products are mainly that the fiber surface can be plasticized to produce a smoothing effect, thereby significantly improving the wear resistance of the fiber. The cheese shreds were tested to improve the breaking resistance, elongation and friction coefficient of the cheese shreds. When using wrapped yarn and knitted fabric, it can reduce the thread breakage and effectively improve the rewinding efficiency. The number of yarn breaks of the loom is reduced, the weaving efficiency and fabric quality are improved, the knitted fabric is effectively cut off, and the wear resistance is improved.

The wax dairy products widely used in the textile printing and dyeing industry are mainly characterized by the wax block being light yellow or white solid, which is convenient for transportation and storage; it has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and other properties; the wax emulsion has good stability, easy to use and easy to process.

For more information about polyethylene wax emulsion uses and polyethylene wax uses, please feel free to contact us!

If you need any kinds of wax, please contact us, as a professional wax supplier, King Honor is willing to offer you high quality products.
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