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Aluminum Machining

Aluminum Machining
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Product Description

Aluminum alloy materials are favored by engineers in various industries, and it is commonly used material in CNC machining due to its high machinability. Aluminum can be quickly and easily cut by machine tools, and deforms less which leads to higher accuracy. Aluminum is widely used to create specified precision parts in various industries today.

CNC Aluminum Parts Types of Surface Finishes Treatments

CNC aluminum parts are widely popular in almost every industry due to its excellent machinability. Another benefit of China aluminum machined parts is that there are many options for its surface treatment, such as:


Powder spraying




Laser engraving

And many more

Applications of CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

Aircraft components

Automotive components

Medical Devices

Optical Parts

Aluminum Gears

Worm Gears

Aluminum enclosure

Aluminum Housings

Aluminum Panels

Spline Shafts

You've come to us to expect high-quality,efficiency,and excellent service, and that's what you will get from us!

Aluminum Grades that We Work with Custom Aluminum Machined Parts

Aluminum CNC parts are used in various industries, so choosing the most suitable material is very important. As an expert in China aluminum machining, we are familiar with the characteristics of each aluminum. Below are some of the aluminum commonly used in our daily machining:

AL 2000 series

2011, 2014 2017 2024

AL 3000 series

3004 3018 3104 3105 3105 3040

AL 4000 series

4032 4043

AL 5000 series

5005 5052 5082 5083

AL 6000 series

machining 6061 aluminum, 6063 6040

AL 7000 series

7072, machining 7075 aluminum

Quality Assurance for CNC Aluminum Part

From the outside, different aluminum are indistinguishable by the naked eyes which greatly affects the quality of products. In order to ensure the authenticity of raw materials, as one of the professional aluminum machining companies, aluminum machining suppliers, LJZ is equipped with spectrometer which is able to strictly detect raw materials with testing report. Moreover, we also provide SGS material certificate according to customer's requirements.

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CNC Machined Aluminum Parts Gallery

Aluminum CNC Part

Aluminum Machined Parts

Anodize Aluminum Part

CNC Aluminum Auto Part

CNC Aluminum Enclosure

CNC Aluminum

CNC Aluminum Plates

CNC Aluminum Parts

Now the cost of machining aluminum is low, if you want to buy high quality machining parts, please contact us.

LJZ as a custom machining services inc, not only has these honorable certifications, but also advanced inspection, production and testing equipment. You will receive high-quality products that exceed your expectations?
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