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Consumer Products Machining and Molding

Consumer Products Machining and Molding
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Product Description

LJZ continues to improve our production capabilities and machining level to meet the huge demand for high-quality and cost-effective components or parts in global electronic products market. Our excellent delivery record and highly competitive prices make electronics manufacturers believe in us, our professional machining personnel recognize the tolerance and efficiency required by electronics industry.

Materials and Surface Finishes of Electronic Machining

The surfaces of electronic appliances are diverse. Some are for anti-corrosion and oxidation, and some are for aesthetics. Design engineers will choose the appropriate surface finishes to meet customized needs. As a custom machining inc, LJZ is proficient in at least 21 kinds of surface treatments such as: Painting, dyeing, polishing, powder coating, silk screen printing, laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, etc.

The materials of electronic machining that we often work with are aluminum, zinc, magnesium, copper, brass, ABS, PC, PET, PMMA, POM, PEEK, etc.

Application of Our Consumer Electronic Parts

Relying on our advanced CNC technology and processes, we can meet CNC machining needs for consumer electronic products. Our parts or products are commonly used in:








Heat sinks




And not limited

Advantages of Our Electronic Machining

Machining specialties - Our capabilities in Swiss machining, high-level multi-spindle and cnc turning maintain the tolerances within standard. Simultaneously, minimize the cost.

Quality leadership - An ISO 9001 supplier with the highest quality and standards for demanding fields like automobile, aerospace, medical technology and 3C products.

Global sourcing - LJZ CNC machining is located in Dongguan with the most complete supply chain and the most competitive cost.

Guaranteed delivery - Effective inventory management procedures, safety stock planning and timely global delivery make us the most trusted partner of electronics companies.

Contact us today for accurate and competitive price for your electronics machining projects!

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We have fixtures machining for sale, and the price is affordable, if you want to buy anything, or some other types of milling fixtures, please contact us.
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