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Small Peristaltic Pump LFP301BT

Small Peristaltic Pump LFP301BT
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Product Description

Lefoo Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, with fifty thousand square meters of floor space. Since its establishment, Lefoo has been committed to the development and manufacturing of diaphragm booster pumps, peristaltic pump, and other small-size pumps, pressure sensing, and controls, temp-humidity products.

A small peristaltic pump has multiple rollers compressing a tube as they rotate around a partial circumference inside a pump body. Between the rollers, a chamber of liquid is trapped, and it is transferred from the inlet side to the outlet side of the small peristaltic pump.

Small Peristaltic Pump LFP101BT as a type of stepper motor peristaltic pump, is a peristaltic pump driven by a stepper motor.

For the greatest accuracy and controllability, a small peristaltic pump is most often driven directly by a stepper motor. Such motors allow the user to precisely control the small peristaltic pump speed typically between 0 and 500 rpm and direction. These motors are generally a 2-phase bipolar construction and require a separate external driver to generate the correct sequencing signal to the motor coils.


Easy upkeep low noise

Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor

Simple setting and Easy Mounting

Optional various soft tubes

No pollution Easy Maintenance

High temperature/Chemical resistant

Can transfer liquid, gas, solid

Specification of Small Peristatic Pump

General Specifications


A range of tube materials is available to handle a range of different chemicals as well as hygienic options for food and beverage dispensing.

?Food Machinery

?Drink dispenser

?Detergent supply

?Dish-Washing machine,

?Washing machine Analytical Equipment

?Analytical testing instrument sample supply

?Printing Equipment?Ink Supply

?Kitchen Apparatus

?Laundry Apparatus

?Car Washing Equipment Analytical Apparatus

1. When selecting a tube, the customer should perform a verification test to verify the chemical suitability according to the usage environment and the intended application

2. Regardless of the pump tube type, the phenomenon of peeling from inside of the tube starts with small amounts

3. This Product is not designed for medical use. Do not use it for medical applications.

4. This product is not waterproof. The use in a water-filled environment requires water-proof systems or designs.

5. Numerical dates listed in this catalog reflect conditions measured over a short period of time. Their accuracy for long-term use is not assured.

6. There is a tendency for the flow rate to increase until the tube becomes acclimated, and even among the same model, different lots may have a different flow rate within the specified tolerances, Also, the rotating speed of the DC motor may fluctuate depending on the load condition and changes in the motor temperature. During the design stage, be sure to select a motor with ample capacity.
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