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Smart Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hardwood

Smart Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hardwood
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Product Description

As a professional carpet cleaning robot manufacturer, our robot vacuum for tile, hardwood and carpet has strong suction power and does a great job of thorough cleaning on carpets and rugs.

Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet

If your home is mostly carpeting or if you have a lot of rugs laying around, you might be wondering if a robot vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet will clean them.

As one of the professional robot vacuum manufacturers, our robot vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood has strong suction power and do a great job of thorough cleaning on carpets and rugs.

Strong Suction Power from Carpet Robot

Strong suction power ensures the powerful pressure of our robot vacuum for wood and carpet when sucking up dirt from the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Robot Cleaning Features

Our floor mapping robot vacuum for hardwood and carpet has strong cleaning features to satisfy your home cleaning needs.

The innovative side brush V-shaped floating roller brush are a fantastic added cleaning bonus for your carpet cleaning.

Integrated Sensors for Automatic Carpet Cleaner Robot

If you have rugs or carpets in various rooms in your home, you may want to ensure that your robot vacuum good for carpet has integrated sensors that can adjust based on the surface area.

Exactly, our carpet cleaning robots do have built-in sensors to adjust the suction power to pick up debris from the carpets, greatly increasing the cleaning efficiency.

Advanced High-end Navigation Features

Our robot vacuum for hardwood and carpet has advanced high-end navigation features to navigate accurately, like obstacle identification, our carpet cleaning robot mop and vacuum has cliff sensors to keep them from tumbling downstairs.

And the ability to customize your map with virtual boundaries, designated areas, and multiple floors.

Smart Carpet Cleaning Robot for Your Selection

If you have much carpet or many rugs to keep clean, our smart robot vacuum for carpet can help you take the load off you. We have R530 robot vacuum that works on carpet with strong suction power to ensure the robot carpet washer removes dirt, crumbs, and pet hair from your carpets.

Our R530 With Lidar Navigation and Mapping is great for your carpet cleaning. R530 robot vacuum for tile and carpet has high positioning accuracy and realizes accurate mapping. R530 can learn the layout of your home and does a great job on carpets.

Contact us to know more about robot vacuum with mapping technology and automated vacuum cleaner.
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