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H-shape UVC Germicidal Lamp

H-shape UVC Germicidal Lamp
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LIGHTEARTH is a manufacturer of ultraviolet and infrared light sources integrating R D, manufacturing and sales. Specializing in the production of UVC ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet germicidal lamp, ultraviolet sterilizer, infrared heating tube, etc.

H-shape UVC Germicidal Lamp

The high purity quartz glass ultraviolet ozone germicidal light is adopted and treated with special technology, which further reduces the impurity content and makes the efficiency of lamp tube more stable. H-Shape UVC Light with Ozone/Ozone Free are available.

UV light ozone vs non ozone

UV disinfection lamps will generally divide into two types, UVC light with ozone and UVC light ozone free.

The principle of ordinary UV disinfection lamp is UV-C direct irradiation of bacteria and viruses caused by their death, belongs to the physical disinfection, and UV-C wavelength is very short, so the penetration ability is relatively weak. When encounter complex space, it is easy to disinfection dead space, so some UV disinfection lamp will add ozone function.

Although UVC light with ozone can sterilize, but at the same time will also stimulate the human respiratory tract, may cause sore throat, chest tightness and cough, bronchitis and emphysema, etc., so the use of UVC light with ozone must have a condition that the space is well ventilated, so that the ozone can be dispersed.

The use of UVC light with ozone is highly discouraged in poorly ventilated spaces.
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