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Environment and Surfaces Disinfectant

Environment and Surfaces Disinfectant
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Product Description

Environment and Surfaces Disinfectant

Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of transmission to everyone. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated and have a greater risk of transmission if no remedial action such as disinfecting surfaces is taken to reduce cross-contamination.

The best way to clean surfaces is environmental surfaces disinfectant chemical which is used for disinfection and surface cleaning. Every area in your business should be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and regularly. That's why LIONSER as one of surface ssurface sanitizer manufacturers carries the selection of hospital-grade surface disinfectants at a suitable price to help you reduce the risk of cross-contamination among patients, visitors, and staff.

Bulk Surface Sanitizer

Lionser Disinfectant Spray 17 Fl Oz/500ml

Lionser Disinfectant Spray is a fast and effective ready-to-use surface cleaner and disinfectant, which is broad-spectrum. You can buy this surface sanitizer for cleaning surfaces at a good price.

Lionser Surface Cleaning Desinfection Wipes AlcoHol

Lionser Surface Cleaning Desinfection Wipes AlcoHol is a kind of disposable medical disinfecting wipes, which contains alcohol and quaternary ammonium, a compound that kills bacteria more efficiently.

Lionser Disinfectant Tablets

Lionser Disinfectant Tablets is the effervescent tablets that can kill the four catrgories of pathogenic bacterium effctively, such as colibacillus, staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and bacillus subtilis.

Lionser Surface Cleaning Disinfection Wipes Model B

Lionser Surface Cleaning Disinfection WipesModel B is a kind of disposable medical disinfecting wipes, with colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no corrosion, low stimulation. This kind of surface disinfectant sanitizer's ready-to-use feature bring great convenience to users.

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Environment Disinfectant and Surfaces Disinfectant Hightlights


Over 20 years professional experiences in medical surface cleaning sanitizer disinfection.


Broad-spectrum, high-performance, long-lasting sterilization, low stimulation.


Economic and practical environment disinfectant product experience with hospital-grade quality.


Ready-to-use feature brings great convenience to surface sanitizer users.


Protect what matters most in diverse scenarios.


Different specifications of surface sanitizer for sale for choice.

What to Use to Clean Surfaces during COVID-19

Lionser environment disinfectant covers COVID-19 household cleaners, which are effective general-purpose cleaner. The virus may survive on some hard surfaces and remain infectious for up to three days, and surface disinfection remains the cornerstone of CDC's self-protection guidelines, so it is very important to choose the correct and effective disinfectant for surfaces.

Our suggestion is that, first of all, you can find any of our surface sanitizer and disinfectant products. Lionser is one of the professional surface sanitizer suppliers. During the COVID-19 period, the sanitizer all surface disinfectant not only can eliminate coronavirus on hard surfaces of household countertops, bathroom equipment, door handles, light switches, ceramic tiles and some wood floors but also on soft sufaces such as fabric and other soft materials.

Best Way to Clean Surfaces

Cleaning with household cleaners containing soap or detergent can reduce the number of bacteria on the surface and reduce the risk of surface infection. In most cases, cleaning alone removes most of the virus particles from the surface.

But since Covid-19, people began to pay attention to the thorough disinfection of the surface and environment. In this case, you need to use a surface cleaning sanitizer. Clean Regularly is important to clean surface. Moreover, you should be focus on high-touch surfaces. For example, the best way to clean light switches is using sanitizer all surface disinfectant. Also, during Covid-19, it is important to reduce contamination of surfaces.

FAQ about Use for Disinfection and Surface Cleaning

Where the Sanitizer for Cleaning Surfaces Can be Used

A :

The surface guard disinfectant alcohol based cleaning wipes, produced by Lionser, one of the professional surface sanitizer suppliers, can be used in surface disinfection of objects in hospitals, in public places, and in household environment, such as household air conditioners, filters of automobile air conditioners, and cooling fins.

How Should Surface Disinfectant Products be Stored

A :

Keep the sanitizer for surfaces away from light and store them in a cool and dry place.

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