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Lionser Medical Disinfectant Products

Lionser Medical Disinfectant Products
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Lionser Medical Disinfectant Products

Medical Disinfectant Products are different types of sanitizers and disinfectants products used to sterilize hospital equipment, reagents, packaging and skin. As one of the professional sanitizer wholesale suppliers, we provide kinds of microorganisms, even some pathogens occurring in our everyday surroundings, which are invisible to our naked eyes. We have wholesale disinfectant products and customers can buy bulk sanitizer as well.

People know how important infection control protocol compliance and environmental hygiene are to your facility or healthcare system. That's why we surface sanitizer suppliers should carry a massive selection of hospital-grade disinfectants and surface cleaning sanitizer. The function of various types of disinfectants is to help you prevent infection and reduce the risk of cross-contamination among patients, visitors, and staff. Because of the resilience of hospital-acquired infections HAIs and Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms, it is more important than ever for healthcare facilities to establish comprehensive disinfectant types protocols like using kinds of sanitizer for patient care surfaces and environmental surfaces. And disinfectant price is suitable for customers!

Hygiene Hand Sanitizer

About 90% of HAls are caused by hand transmission. Hand hygiene has thus become the most important preventive means. The hands of medical staff who often contact with instruments and patients need better Cleaning, Disinfection and comprehensive Care. Lionser professional medical hand hygiene products are suitable for meeting the daily challenges of medical activities. We offer different kinds of disinfectant products at a suitable price in wholesale or buy bulk.

Lionser Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Alcohol

Lionser Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel-Free Alcohol 17 Fl Oz/500ml

Lionser Hand Disinfectant Solution 72-88% Alcohol 17 Fl Oz/500ml Rinse Free

SunBerry Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer Liquid 17 Fl Oz/500ml

Environment and Surfaces Disinfectant

Types of chemical sanitizers and disinfectants/cleaners are proven effective against Hepatitis B, TB, HIV and a broad range of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. Non caustic formula is safe on most inanimate surfaces. LONSER's different kinds of disinfectants are safe and useful types of disinfectants which are strong enough to kill on contact yet are nontoxic. LONSER as sanitizer suppliers provide kinds of sanitizer at a suitable wholesale and bulk buy price.
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