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Beauty Tea with women’s beauty function

Beauty Tea with women’s beauty function
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Product Description

Beauty Tea is a health tea made from Chinese tonic plant, rich in nutrients of vitamins, carotenoids, protein, carotene and phosphorus, etc.

So Beauty Tea can nourish your body, promote blood circulation, can nourish the nerves, good for blood deficiencies, fatigue and weakness. It is an effective health tea to promote blood circulation, gives you a beautiful ruddy face, improve immune, anti-fatigue.

Ingredients: Sweet tea, black tea, jujube, wolfberry, rose.

???The health function of jujube

???1, jujubes are rich in protein, fat, sugar, carotene, vitamin B, C, P and phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc., have the reputation of “vitamin pills” .Can nourish your body, nourish the blood. Eating jujubes can enhance the body's vital energy to achieve beauty effect.

???2, Jujubes is also a tonic, can nourish the nerves, spleen and stomach, good for weak stomach, blood deficiencies, fatigue, weakness, insomnia. Is a effective health care product.

The healthy function of Chinese wolfberry

Can enhance the body's hematopoietic function, regulating qi and blood, promote blood circulation,gives you a beautiful ruddy face. Wolfberry contains a lot of vitamins, carotenoids, so eyesight effect is obvious. The people who regularly access to computers,and use eyes frequently can drink some wolfberry tea. Wolfberry also improve immune, enhance the body's ability to adapt regulation, can anti-ca