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Lumizs Technologies
521 Lucasville Rd
Lucasville, NS B4B 1R8
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Lumizs Technologies is a network and communication company that is located in Dartmouth, NS since 2012.
Working with suppliers in Canada and the USA. Supplying great products and services for small and medium size business and for retail consumers.
Essentials that you need to set-up and scale your network.

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Lumizs Technologies selling wholesale cables !
•HDMI Cable
•Fiber Optic Cable
•Cat5e Cables
•AV Cable
•VGA Cable
•DVI Cables

We our selling network and communication cables for all you network needs!

There is a min order of 50 or more! There are different colors and sizes for each item. All products are of high quality and standers with 100% guarantee!

(Note:) Wholesale items are only sold in the USA! We are working to find ways to sell to are Canadian costumers.

Shipping is done with UPS,USPS or DHL with tracking number

We offer quick turn around, transparent prices and manifested lists of our products.

Payments are done by PayPal 100% money back if not happy with product

If you are interested in buying wholesale from us you can contact us via email or by phone.

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Lumizs Technologies
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521 Lucasville Rd
Lucasville, NS B4B 1R8