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Mad Style
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United States
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Welcome to Mad Style!

For those of you that don’t know, MAD is actually an acronym for Marta and Doug (or Mommy and Daddy) depending who you ask.

Marta and I launched a new business by choice and out of thin air. After the news that we were going to have a baby, we both felt that it would be awesome if we could find a way to create a business that would allow us to work from home and really be present to raise our daughter. Marta already had an awesome son from another life, but for me – this was my first – and a girl. :)

I had spent 30+ years in the restaurant and nightclub business and Marta is a highly trained social worker by profession. I traveled a lot for work and I didn’t want to miss watching my daughter grow up. Marta and I both grew up during a time when it was normal for our fathers to go to work before we woke up and come home long after we went to bed.

At the time, we were already doing something outside our “regular” professions, as we had 4 retail stores in Chicago selling home accessories, furniture and art. It was Marta who suggested that we try to start a wholesale women’s accessory business, as we had recently been carrying a lot of handmade purses in our stores and they were selling really well. I was pretty resistant to the idea – as I never saw myself as a “Handbag Guy”. But, she really wanted to do this together. I finally - reluctantly agreed.

We started the business in the basement of our house with 58 pieces in a 6 page catalog. :) With the help of an ever expanding off premise warehouse and a small staff of unbelievable people that are still with us today, we started learning this crazy business - slowly adding to our product selection and customer base. We continued working out of our basement for 7 years!

Now, after 10+ years in business we have thousands of MAD customers all over the world and offer over 1,500 unique pieces spanning across 12 fashion categories!

We have truly been blessed. Our daughter is now 11 years old and our son graduated from college and has joined the business as our Vice President of Sales! While we no longer work from home and travel a bit more than we would like to, we were able to realize our dream – and NEVER missed an important family milestone or event in all this time.

We are extremely thankful to our team members, our rep groups, our families and most importantly – our customers for allowing us to build a company that we are so very proud of and that has enabled us to be MAD “by design”!

We hope you enjoy this seasons collections!

Marta & Doug Stein

Mad Style is specially tailored for the gift industry. We manufacture a highly unique and diversified selection of fashion and accessories items that covers all price points.

Mad Style carries an extensive collection of the everyday necessity, the handbag. Whether you desire a clutch, crossbody, messenger, satchel, tote, wristlet, back pack, handmade shell or tech, we have you covered. Mad Style recently has introduced a handsome collection of Men's bags as well. These are not just for ladies. In fact, more and more men are grabbing their bags to carry all their essentials. Off to work, gym or school, these canvas style bags are perfect for every man of every age.

In addition to handbags, we offer a wide variety of accessories as well. This includes gorgeous wallets, perfect wristlets, clutches, crossbodies, cosmetic sets, jewelry boxes, eyewear, gloves, athletic wear, tech accessories, and more.

Don't forget to fill those pretty boxes with Mad Style jewelry as well! This includes bracelets, watches, rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, bag bling and even men's items.

Mad Man is our #1 selling Men's Collection. Stop searching for the perfect gift for him. We are your one stop shop for Men. We carry men's eyewear, men's watches, men's bracelets, men's accessories, men's bags, men's wallets, men's gift sets, men's belts, men's socks and men's winter gear. High quality gifts then all the guys go MAD for.

Love scarves? Mad Style has stylish styles to wrap you up for both men and women. This collection includes light weight, winter, infinity, tech pouch, shawls and men's styles. Perfect prints in all sorts of colors to fit any and everyone's personal style. Tired of the same old outfit? A scarf is the perfect accessory to help change up your look and make you feel new again.

Mad Style is a leader in headwear! From summer hats to fashionable headbands, to winter wear, we have it all. With a bit of thought, the right accessories can turn any dull outfit into a fashion statement. We have a ton of styles of headwear at Mad Style, making it possible to find something for every outfit. Shop summer hats, the exclusive Mad-Dana line, headbands, barrettes, headwraps, earmuffs and winter hats, all at Mad Style.

Shell is our natural and handmade bags and accessories with exquisite beauty for day, night or special occasions. This is a
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