Marine Survey Agency
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Marine Survey Agency
34, Uritskogo street
Nakhodka, VV
Russian Federation
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Marine Survey Agency Ltd is an independent survey company, which was established in 2015 year on the Far East of Russia by a group of experts, which have a good experience of work in an one of the biggest world inspection company.
The company was established for providing a wide range of impartial marine and cargo survey services on the Far East of Russia and have a branche for some inspection in Singapore .
The company is offering the following survey and expert services:
• Inspection of cargoes, property and means of transport
• Inspection of the condition of warehouses and warehouse equipment
• Inspection of damaged cargoes (investigation of the nature, the cause and the extent of damage)
• Survey of containers
• Draught Surveys
• Bunker Surveys
• Loading-Discharding Surveys
• Vessel Condition Survey
• Sampling
• Watertightness test
• Investigation on liability of each party involved in the carriage
• Tallyman service (counting of the amount of cargo)
If you have any interest for protect your business in Russia we will be glad to help you.
Basic Information
Company Name:
Marine Survey Agency
Russian Federation
Registered Address:
34, Uritskogo street
Nakhodka, VV