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The Discovery of a Unique Skincare System Which Acts as Food for the Skin and Absorb Immediately Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles and Pigmentation.
Innarah® has developed a unique skin care system by fermentation which works with Immune system and gives permanent results immediately.

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life. - Coco Chanel quotable

Consumers should be aware of four things before buying skin care which are the ingredients, the formulation and the science to support the claims. The final thing they should notice are the results.

It had been several years since the anti-aging category had skyrocketed. Women are realizing that they can indeed skip the invasive procedures and reverse the signs of premature ageing skin with the help of a few bottles and jars.
There’s just one catch, they’re just not bottles and jars; it’s Innarah. Innarah is the skin care collection that will change the way women feel about their skin.

Innarah is the first ever formulated skin care that works with the skin’s immune system.

Mr. Manzoor H. Jaffery, CEO Innarah Inc. has formulated a unique technology known as biofermentation. Mr. Jaffery perfected these fermented, anti-aging formulas and signature VenoDefense collection, which replicates the effects of snake venom using a botanical base with cutting edge ingredients such as Elk Antler Velvet, Ormus Gold, Plant Stem Cells and Marine Phytoplankton.

After being dissatisfied with so many skin care products on the market, Mr. Jaffery wanted something that really worked. Jaffery developed a process called Bioferm that is modelled on the ancient alchemic process called “Nigredo,” whose sole purpose is to transform the life force within matter. This process is actually different from other product formulations where the trick is their “blending” process. So, in essence, because Innarah’s ingredients are fermented, there is no danger of the ingredients going through an oxidation process; plus, the result is a much more powerful cream.

As Jaffery explains, “The ingredients are powerful, just like raw food. It helps with the skin’s own immune system. Many might dismiss this as hogwash, but listen to the science behind this for a bit. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, and is the first line of defense in the immune system, it’s imperative to help protect it. This is why people recommend to eat daily fruits and vegetables.”

Now, how can a skin care cream help with the immune system? “It all has to do with the reticulation of Langerhans Cells, which are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow,” Jaffery goes on to say. “When they arrive at the epidermis, they develop small legs or dendrites, and automatically generate an immune response to the skin when they come into contact with ingredients they don’t recognize. But ingredients that have been through the biofermentation process are readily accepted by these cells, so in essence Innarah acts as a bio catalyst.”

Innarah is one of the few companies that offers an Oxygenated Crème that helps the healing of adult acne, cold sores, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues. Using Innarah products also aid the skin by diffusing and removing under eye puffiness and inflammation.

Innarah is for any skin color or gender and is recommended for people between 25-85 years old. Innarah is for that glow from-within associated with youth.

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