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Iacob Zadik Fn. Radauti 725400
Radauti, SV
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Who we are

SC OLINT COM SRL is a company with over 10 years business experience in trading building materials and DIY products.

The main trading point is the OLINT Supermarket opened in 2005. Our company also established a distribution network
with regional sales agents and business partners.

In the last 6 years we have gathered a vast experience in trading, distributing and installing roofing products,
especially metal roof tile systems. During 2008-2009 we held about 5% of the national market share for metal roof

In 2010 we decided to expand our activity and to produce our own roofing materials which we are promoting under a
new brand.

Thus, behind RUFSTER there is the same team of professionals, determined to maintain and expand the level of market
coverage and also to further provide quality roofing products for resellers, builders and end-customers.

The Rufster Brand

The need to differentiate ourselves in the extremely competitive market of roofing manufacturers has led us to promote our products under a new and modern brand.

We've created ourselves an unique and attractive identity thru which we are expressing our determination to be among
the best and to offer quality materials.

RUFSTER is friendly
Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your project.
RUFSTER is dedicated
We treat every order with the most importance and attention.
RUFSTER is active
We are always in action, where the customers need us.
RUFSTER is adaptable
We take every challenge and adapt to every situation.
RUFSTER is practical
We find the most simple and useful solution to your problems.
RUFSTER is modern
From equipment and products to operating and communicating.

The Production Unit

RUFSTER has modern production lines, completely automated, with computer managed out-turn that conveys a great deal
of precision to the technological flow.

The Unit is new, with a surface of nearly 2.200 sqm, equipped with two slide cranes, drive-in loading and unloading capacity and covered storage spaces, both interior and exterior, with a surface of over 1.500 sqm.

With a production capacity of over 1,5 million sqm per year, with two metal roof tile lines and a trapezoidal sheet double line, with constant investment in base material stocks, RUFSTER is planning to develop a national distribution network.

The production is based on the customer orders we receive and the reseller needs, so that the end-user can obtain the products according to his exact request, fitting the requirement of his project, without material loss or excess, delivered in due time to the working site, ready for installation.

Besides the products manufactured in the Production Unit, RUFSTER also offers complementary products for the roofing
and cladding systems: roof membrane, drainage system and installation accessories, all of good quality.

The main production lines

- two automatic metal roof tile lines - for manufacturing the profile types AQUA, AQUA 3D, and TERRA
- one automatic trapezoidal sheet double line - for manufacturing the profile types R 12A, R 12F, R 18A and R 18F
- one automatic ridge line - for manufacturing the rounded ridges for the roof system
- one automatic flat sheet line - for cutting the flat sheet to standard dimensions
- one automatic slitter line - for cutting the flat sheet to special dimensions
- two standard abkant machines - for manufacturing the steel flashings for the roof system
- one special abkant machine - for manufacturing the steel facade cassettes

RUFSTER offers the promise of a relationship based on trust, promptitude and transparency.
We wish to grow along with our business partners and we are confident that we can offer the best solutions for builders and end users.
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Iacob Zadik Fn. Radauti 725400
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