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Ground Bull Automatic Pallet Lifter

Ground Bull Automatic Pallet Lifter
RMB 100000.00 - 2000000.00
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Product Description

Light AGV Pallet Truck MW-SD10, lighter size and low ground load requirements. It is usually used for horizontal handling and cargo handling in floor workshops or warehouses.

The Specification Of MW-SD10 Ground Bull Automatic Pallet Lifter

?Standard ?Option

Standard Models Pallet Trucks AGVS MW-SD10

Navigation Laser reflector navigation ?

LiDAR SLAM navigation ?

Hybrid navigationLiDAR/Laser reflector QR code/Magnetic nail/ceiling ?

Communication Wireless Wi-Fi ?

Optical communication ?

5G ?

Specifications Payload?kg? 1000

Turning Radius?mm? 990

Lost load height ?mm? 210

Max lifting height?mm? 210

Max height payload?kg? 1000

Min fork height?mm? 86

Dimensions l/e/s?mm? 1150x186x60

Outer fork width?mm? 680

Aisle width?Pallet dimensions 1malong the forkx1.2m??mm? 2150

Pallet posture recognition width?Pallet 1malong the forkx1.2m??mm? 2550

Weight?kg? 180

Dimensions LxWxH?mm? 1475x730x550

Motion capability Motion Reach, back, turning

SpeedUnloaded/Max loaded?m/s? 1/0.7

Accuracy?Bearing wheel center??mm? ±5

Endangle accuracy?°? ±1

Ditch crossing capability?mm? ?30

Obstacle crossing capability?mm? ?10

Climbing capability?mm? ?3°?5%?

Safetyprotection Manual/Auto ?

Offset protection, Abnormal positioning protection ?

Components malfuction, communication fault protection ?

Bottom front LiDAR anti-collision?1/2pcs? ?

3D obstacles avoidance?Front/back 1/2pcs? —

Fork front anti-collision?Light sensor? ?

Bumper strip?Truck head? ?

Emergency button?At least 2pcs? ?

Sound?Speaker?alarm?Light alarm?3-color light 2pcs ?

Width light?Front, left, right 3pcs? ?

HMI?7 inches? ?

Monitoring camera ?

Fork function Cargo detection ?

Cargo posture detection ?

Anti-pressure detectionLight sensors ?

Cargo offset detectionUltrasonic ?

Space detectionLiDAR point cloud ?

Auto fork distance adjust ?

Lateral offset positioning ?

Inclination detection ?

Battery capability Recharging mode Manual/Auto

Manual rechargingPlug direct ?

Battery replacing?Standard? Hoisting

Lateral replacingless capability —

Battery typeStandard LiFePO4

Voltage 48V

Standard Capability?Hoisting? 25Ah

Standard Capability?Lateral??Ah? —

Operation time?h? 6-8h

Lifetime 3000 times, 70% left

Recharging station?Standard? 48V15A

Visual function Pallet posture recognition?3D camera? ?

Fork feeding side detection?3D camera? ?

Weight detection?Weighing module? ?

Cargo falling detection?3D camera×2pcs? ?

Auto inventory?2D 3D cameras? ?

Bar code/RFID recognition?Reader/RFID sensor? ?

The Advantages Of MW-SD10 Ground Bull Automatic Pallet Lifter

Environment adaption: Laser navigation, no need to refit scenarios.

Intelligent running: Map building, path planning, auto recharging, self operating that meets various scenarios. Machine vision and comprehensive system enable unmanned forklift, improving flexibility.

The Features Of MW-SD10 Ground Bull Automatic Pallet Lifter

High accuracy, high efficiency: Primary positioning ±5mm, secondary positioning±2mm.

Max speed 1m/s, max payload 1000kg, 7×24h full time running.

Intelligent, safe, easy to operate: Comprehensive self detection capability.

Safe sensors dual control system protection, 360°anti-collision, LightSound alarm protects.

Sustainable iteration, remote upgrading, friendly HMI.

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