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700 Puff e-Hooka

700 Puff e-Hooka
CAD 8.33 - 250.00
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Product Description

***Free Shpping throughout North America***

$250.00 fir a box of 30 e-Hooka multiflavoured, or $8.33/ e-Hooka

Electronic Hookah Pens, Hookah Sticks and Portable E-Hookahs refer to this relatively new sub-genre of hookahs. E-hookah pens and hookah sticks are available in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, including some of the most popular E-hookahs which are nicotine free. Still new to all of this? Find out what a hookah pen is! Interested in turning your traditional hookah into a giant personal vaporizer? Check out this blog on our electronic hookah bowls!
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