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12v Peristaltic Pump

12v Peristaltic Pump
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Product Description

Nanjing Runze Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, was born a high-tech manufacturer engaged in RD, production, marketing, and service for microfluidic components including peristaltic pump, syringe pump, piston pump, multiport valve, tubing, plastic fittings, which are key parts in environmental analysis, laboratory, medical device, bio-pharmaceuticals, petrochemical engineering, food, and beverage. Based on stable development and constant pursue of high-level cooperation on safety, quality, reliability, and innovation, RUNZE FLUID has obtained I S O 9 0 0 1 certification, 32 invention patents, and CE RoHS FDA certificates to enhance our service capabilities.

12v peristaltic pump is available of 12V and 24V DC motor for specific system requirement, the peristaltic water pump DC motor can work immediately when triggered from the power supply, low cost, small compact size and low liquid pulse make it best choice for applications that require not too much dispensing precision.

Specification of 12v Peristaltic Pump

Model No. ZL12-RZ1030-4-300R


Pump Roller POM 4 rollers

Pump Head ABS engineering plastic

Motor type 12V/24V DC motor

Rated Current 0.15A

Rated Power 1.8W12V/3.6W24V

Motor Speed 300rpm

Flow Range 0-120ml/min

Tubing Size ID0.64-3.0mm  WT0.8-1.0mm  OD?5mm

Tubing Life Silicone?200H  BPT Rubber?1000H

Pressure Rating Up to 2 bar?30psi?

Working Environment 0-40?, ?80? non-condensing

Max DB 65db

Suction 5 meters

Head 8 meters

Dimension LWH 905765mm

Net Weight 255g

1. Tubing life measured by pumping pure water under continuous working at the room temperature 20? and no extra pressure until it cracks

2. Tubing life vary from different medium, motor speed, working environment, the lower motor speed and mild fluids help to extend the service life of tubing

3.Please replace new pump tube regularly to achieve higher precision constant liquid transfer

Flow Rate Instructions of 12v Peristaltic Pump

Tube type Motor Speed

rpm Tube size

IDWT: mm ZL12-RZ1030-4 300R

ml/min ZL24-RZ1030-4-300R


Rubber tube 300rpm

0.640.8 6 10

0.760.8 9 13

0.890.8 10 16

1.020.8 13 22

1.140.8 14 24

1.300.8 22 32

1.420.8 28 36

1.520.8 31 41

1.650.8 37 46

1.850.8 46 54

2.060.8 55 67

2.290.8 58 96

2.540.8 95 112

2.790.8 105 125

Silicon tube 11 15 23

21 47 86

31 122 140

Flow rate measured by pumping pure water under room temperature and pressure, actual working flow rate maybe vary from different medium and working environment
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