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Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic Tool Holders
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Product Description

Flexible magnetic tool holder also called stainless steel magnetic knife holder consist of several pieces of strong magnets housed in a durable stainless steel housing, with a very powerful magnetic circuit providing industrial strength holding force, they can hold no matter the largest and heaviest objects to the smallest and skinniest ones. Magnetic bar tool holder is the ideal solution for keeping all your tools organized and close to reaching, they can hold almost any tools safe and secure, and can be mounted anywhere you need them. A well-organized tool rack will save valuable time due to visibility and easy access!

As a reliable magnet manufacturer, RiSheng provides personalized magnetic knife holders for our customers to buy. The are of different sizes: 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch... and can be made small or large, with silverline or live edge, vertical, freestanding, self adhesive, double sided, flexible heavy duty, or with strong stainless steel, etc. Our magnetic knife holders are usually combined with other materials like copper, oak, timber, bamboo and leather to best suit the needs of our customers.

Besides black and white, we offer various kinds of colors for magnetic holders, hangers, racks, strips, bars and rails, to match the color of tool pads, boxes, and shelves, and to better organize and store a set of tools. If you want to make a magnetic knife holder for refrigerator or kitchen, our slatwall or tilewall mounted magnetic tool holders are the most appropriate. They could help you deal with all magnetic tools on the countertop. Customized magnetic knife holders by RiSheng are capable of organizing tools like nails, pry bars, wirecutters, screwdrivers. We also provide magnetic power tool holder, pegboard tool holder for your tool box improvement. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Types Of Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic Tool Holders MTH001

Manufacturing Method Of Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic tool holders have two parts, one part is stainless steel plates with plastic mounting support, there are mounting holes and screws for easy installation, the other half is strong magnets, they can be rare earth Neodymium magnets or ferrite magnets, providing different pull force to meet specific requirements.

Different designs and sizes are available to meet different demands, if you are looking for a custom-made style, the mold charge will be required.

Applications Of Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic tool holders are widely used in the home kitchen, office, workshops, garages, manufacturing facilities, and any flat surface, they work as mounted tools to help you easily reach a lot of tools, include knives, hammers, pliers, scissors, tape measures, screwdrivers, saws, axes, and any other metal objects, it is a very useful tool for any handyman, mechanic, chef and almost everyone at some time.

If you want to buy the best magnetic tool holder, please choose us.

If you want to know more magnet types, please visit our website.
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