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Carbon Nanotube Sheets

Carbon Nanotube Sheets
USD 500.00 - 10000.00
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Product Description

Carbon nanotubes have good flexibility, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and are seamless, hollow tubes formed by graphene sheets formed by carbon atoms. Carbon nanotube sheet has the advantages of large flow rate, small linear expansion coefficient, good high and low-temperature resistance, and good corrosion resistance, so carbon nanotubes material is known as the super material in the 21st century.


Input type: support thermocouple;

thermal resistance and linear input: the device uses K-type thermocouple input;

Display mode: dual-window display;

Control mode: PID control;

Product size: 636×133×50mm;

Input voltage: AC220V±5 %;

Maximum current: 20A;

Heating temperature: ?170°C;

Heating rate: 2min to 170°C.

Cheeven is a professional casting die manufacturer, we provide cnt sheets, carbon nanotube solar panel, die casting automotive parts, etc. For battery tray price and more information, please feel free to contact us!
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