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Fire Retardant Accessories

Fire Retardant Accessories
USD 1.70 - 20.00

Product Description

QIAN-ZE Fire Retardant Thermal Accessories are some products related with thermal insulation, such as Heat-resistant Turbine Cover, Knitted Basalt Exhaust Pipe Sleeve, Colored Silicone Seal Tape and 304 Stainless Steel Tie/Clamp.

How To Choose Right Fire Retardant Accessories


Knitted Basalt Exhaust Pipe Sleeve is specialized in protecting vehicle exhaust systems on automotive, marine and any other heat applications. It can withstand continuous exposure to 760?1400?. The dense braided fiberglass with excellent flexibility insulates heat in piping and hosing extending the service life of high temperature equipment.


Colored silicone seal tape is primarily used as a perfect end termination for our QIAN-ZE Hi-temp Fire sleeve where protection against heat and moisture is necessary. It has a wide operating temperature from -60? -76? to 260? 500? that is excellent for automotive, industrial, and marine applications.


Stainless 304 steel tie/clamp is specialized in securing sleeves to the body of the hose fitting or for general securing of sleeves and tapes to wires, cables, pipes, etc.
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